The Crafter’s Corner – Materia Madness


Greetings, crafters! Welcome to another installment of The Crafter’s Corner. Last week we geared your crafter with the best options available. At this point I’m going to assume you’ve geared up and are ready to start filling up those empty circles on each piece of your new crafting set.


Those empty circles are materia slots. There are two key items obtained from quests that you’re going to need to properly fill up (and fill past) the materia slots on your gear.

Your first quest is “Waking The Spirit” At level 19, Speak with F’hobhas in Central Thanalan who will teach you how to meld materia on to your gear. You’ll be given a catalyst and instructions on how to meld, and be rewarded with the key item “Materia Assimilator” Simple enough, right?


At level 25 is a second quest, “Melding Materia Muchly” – which will allow you to meld materia past the amount of slots on a piece of gear. This is vital for attaining the amount of stats you’ll need when you’re deciding which path you’ll want your crafter to focus on. To complete this quest and obtain the key item “Augmented Materia Melder“, Mutamix will ask you to meld eight pieces of materia in front of him. Once you’ve completed those tasks, it’s time to start working on your crafting set.


Crafters have three categories of materia to work with: Command (Control+), Competence (Craftsmanship+) and Cunning (CP+). Each of these categories has four tiers, and the stats they award increase with each tier, respectively. For example, “Craftsman’s Command Materia I” will give Control +1, while tier II will give Control +2, and so on.


With the flexibility of the materia system, a crafter can pick a focus to better assist them in crafting 1 and 2-star items. For example, I’ve chosen a craftsmanship focus so I meet the minimum requirements to craft 2-star items without the need for food to boost the craftsmanship stat. In doing this, however, I’ve become dependent on control food (such as High-quality Dagger Soup) to meet the minimum’s on the control stat. It’s a small price to pay, however, being the only food I use at all.

Now, you could take another route and go for a Control focus, using a craftsmanship food. The main thing you need to remember is materia is there to help ease the difficulty in crafting higher-level recipes, so whatever focus you choose, try to reach a goal to meet a minimum to craft 2-star items.

That’s all on this week’s Crafter’s Corner – join me next week as I help out the crafters who are just starting out in “Back to Basics.”

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