SquareEnix Flaunts Aeris, Cloud, and Yuna in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In Gaming News by SevenBlades

The new Final Fantasy title, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is already out in Japan, and its only appropriate that Square Enix start pushing out DLC for the brand new game. Lightning, who according to SE is a very popular character, have gone ahead and decided to release a few new costumes for her displayed in all their glory in a new trailer.

As you can see from the trailer above, the new costumes are Aerith and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII as well as Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 with a dash of Tidus gear from Final Fantasy X. Each costume will come in around $4 or 400 yen and you can get all three for about $10 or 1000 yen. Unfortunately, those prices are only for Japan, whereas on this side of the Pacific we’ll be limited to seeing Cloud’s costume offered as a pre-order bonus with no word on Yuna’s Final Fantasy X-2 equipment or Aerith’s set. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance see this downloadable content sometime soon here in the US.

For a better look, you can check out the gear and costumes in the screenshots below. Enjoy!

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