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Q1: Exactly what kind of content are the beast tribe daily quests?
A1: Beastmen have their own culture and, naturally, history as well, and you’ll finally have a chance to get insight into their lifestyles and how they think. Additionally, as you complete quests your reputation with the beastmen will increase. As your reputation increase you will be able to purchase materials, furniture, and other items that can only be obtained from the beastmen.

Q2: What type of rewards will we be able to obtain from the beast tribe daily quests?
A2: Rewards include things like experience points, gil, tomestones (philosophy/mythology), and more.

Q3: What level do we have to be to begin the beast tribe daily quests?
A3: You will be able to begin the quests starting at level 42.

Q4: Will there be beast tribe daily quests for all the tribes?
A4: Patch 2.1 will introduce beast tribe daily quests for the Amalj’aa and the Sylph tribes. In patch 2.2, we plan to introduce quests for the Kobold and Sahagin tribes. We will continue to introduce additional tribes through the upcoming patches and eventually cover all the tribes. Please stay tuned!

Q5: Will the beast tribe quests involve the beastmen strongholds and their leaders?
A5: Yes, they will.

Q6: Will my grand company have any impact on what tribes I can do quests for?
A6: The grand company that you belong to will have no impact on the beast tribe daily quests.

Q7: About how long will it take to complete a single beast tribe quest? 
A7: We think it will take around 7 to 15 minutes at the longest.

Q8: Will there be cutscenes for beastmen quests?
A8: Yes, there will be.

Q9: Will the treasure maps drop from monsters as well?
A9: In patch 2.1, the treasure maps can only be obtained via gathering. However, we will consider other methods for players to obtain maps.

Q10: Will we be able to trade/buy/sell the treasure maps?
A10: The treasure maps can be traded/bought/sold as long as they have not been deciphered. However, once they are deciphered, they cannot be traded/bought/sold.

Q11: Will there be a difference in the treasure maps that can be discovered depending on the level of the gatherer?
A11: The maps will be different depending on the location they are found, not depending on the level of the gatherer.

Q12: Can you give us an overview of what Treasure Hunt content involves?
A12: Once a gatherer reaches a certain level they will be able to find treasure maps from various areas. Once the treasure map has been deciphered, a portion of the map will be displayed. There are different difficulties ranging from grade 1 through grade 5, and the amount of treasure and the value will be dependent on this.

Before a map is deciphered, the deciphering can be performed by anyone. Undeciphered maps can be sold; however, after it has been deciphered it will no longer be possible to sell the treasure map.

When you decipher a treasure map, a map with an “X” mark will be displayed. By heading to the “X” and performing specialized actions, you’ll be able to discover a treasure chest, and when opening this chest a monster will appear. If you are able to defeat the monster, you’ll be rewarded.

We’ve prepared this content as one element to increase the types of content available, so we hope you can enjoy it either by yourself or with other members of your free company.

Q13: Is there a limit to how many times we can perform the Treasure Hunt content per day?
A13: There is no limit. However, there’s a limit to how many times a gatherer can obtain the treasure maps. Once a gatherer discovers a treasure map, they will not be able to obtain another one for 18 hours. Please note that while you will be able to carry multiple treasure maps that are not deciphered, you will only be able to carry one deciphered treasure map.

Q14: If I lose the battle of the Treasure Hunt content, will the treasure chest disappear?
A14: You will be able to challenge the battle again as long as it is within the set time limit. However, the treasure chest will disappear if you go to another area.

Q15: Will I be able to obtain a high rank in PvP without collecting high-end gear if I have enough skill?
A15: Players in the higher ranks will have skill and gear. It would probably be difficult to obtain a high rank without collecting high-end gear.

Q16: How will winners be decided in the Wolves’ Den?
A16: It’s a 4v4 battle, so the winners will be those that defeat all four of their opponents.

Q17: Will directional based ability combos be changed for the Wolves’ Den?
A17: When using a bow, the damage will be different depending on distance, and we will also be changing things such as magic casting being interrupted after getting hit once.

Q18: Will there be PvP skills?
A18: We plan to show a portion of the 2.1 patch notes at the end of the stream. Please stay tuned!

Q19: Can you show us the PvP gear?
A19: [Shown in the stream]

Q20: How can we obtain the PvP gear?
A20: You’ll earn points as you rank up, and you can exchange these points for equipment.

Q21: Will the vanity system also be applied for the Wolves’ Den and for PvP equipment?
A21: No, it will not be applied to the Wolves’ Den or PvP equipment. Once you enter a PvP area it will return to its original state.

Q22: What does the “Morale” stat do?
A22: It’s a stat dedicated to PvP. Stats are calculated differently in PvP and the “Morale” stat will have an impact on the stat. The higher the “Morale,” the stronger you will be in PvP!

Q23: Will we be able to use limit breaks in the Wolves’ Den?
A23: Yes, you can.

Q24: Will we be able to watch other players fight in the Wolves’ Den?
A24: While you won’t be able to in patch 2.1, we plan to introduce it in the future. Please stay tuned!

Q25: Will 8 vs. 8 ever be introduced in the Wolves’ Den?
A25: Initially, the PvP battles will be 4 vs. 4. We will consider the 8 vs. 8 battles after seeing how the community responds to the 4 vs. 4 battles.

Q26: Will our opponents’ names be displayed in the Wolves’ Den? 
A26: No, they will not. I believe that this will be the first PvP experience for many people and we’ve decided not to have opponents’ names displayed. (However, your team members’ names will be displayed as normal.) However, once the battle is over, we’ll be making it so everything is displayed in the chat log as I’m sure you want to check on what happened.

Q27: Are there plans to introduce other types of PvP battles (capture the flag, etc.)?
A27: We will discuss other types of battles after we see how the community responds to the initial 4 vs. 4 battle.

Q28: Will the new hairstyles introduced through the aesthetician be selectable if we were to create a new character?
A28: No, the new hairstyles are only available through the aesthetician.

Q29: With the change in the item level for weapons from the Binding Coil of Bahamut will the stats also be changed?
A29: The weapons will only have their item level increase by five and the stats will not be changed. We will, however, be making adjustments to some stats on the armor that can be obtain in the Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Q30: Can you give us more information on the weapon that can be obtained by defeating the three extreme primal fights? How do we obtain the weapon? 
A30: Each of the three extreme primals will drop a quest item and once you turn in all three, you will be able to obtain a weapon as a reward.

Q31: Could you tell us the specific restrictions for lotting on equipment in Crystal Tower?
A31: When you defeat a boss, a treasure chest will appear, and if you receive an item from one of these treasure chests, you will not be able to “Need” or “Greed” again until the weekly reset. (Allagan tomestones of mythology cap reset timing)

Q32: Will be able to enter the Crystal Tower (via Duty Finder) with a group set up other than TANK x2 / DPS x4 / HEALER x2?
A32: No. In patch 2.1, you can only register to enter the Crystal Tower with that set up.

Q33: Please show us the party recruitment feature.
A33: (Stream shows the feature)

Q34: Please tell us how much land and housing will be.
A34: First I would like to apologize in regards to the prices for land. Until now I’ve been saying that we wanted to make the prices the same for all Worlds; however, looking at the gil in circulation for each World, we’ve reached a conclusion that we are unable to make the prices the same across all Worlds.

Based on the economic conditions of all Worlds, we’ve separated Worlds into five groups, and depending on the group the price will be different. The legacy Worlds will be slightly more expensive, but as the players on these worlds have more money, we hope for your understanding.

We plan on making adjustments after looking at how land is sold. By the way, a rank 5 piece of small size land on the cheapest World group will start at 4,000,000 gil and the price will be reduced every six hours.

After this stream has concluded we will be releasing the patch notes, and we’ll be including how much the prices are for each World, so please be sure to check them out afterwards.

In regards to the actual buildings, they are the same price across all Worlds. At the higher range it will run several hundred thousand gill, so it’s relatively cheaper.

Q35: Are there any other secret content in patch 2.1 that you have not yet introduced?
A35: The volume of patch 2.1 is so huge that there are items that we have not yet covered. Please stay tuned!

Q36: Will I be able to participate in the PlayStation®4 version of the Beta Test with my character from the PlayStation®3 version?
A36: The initial PlayStation®4 Beta Test will require a new character, but you will be able to use your existing character in the later phases of the Beta Test.

Q37: Could you give us a rough schedule for the Beta Test through official release of the PlayStation 4 version?
A37: The Beta Test will begin on February 22, 2014, which is the same day as when the PlayStation 4 will go on sale in Japan. After this, we will carry data over, hold early access, and start service in April.

Q38: Will the PlayStation®4 Beta Test be conducted on a dedicated server?
A38: Only the initial Beta Test will be conducted on a dedicated server.

Q39: Will we need to subscribe to PlayStation®Plus in order to play the PlayStation 4 version?
A39: No, you will be able to play the PlayStation 4 version without subscribing to PlayStation Plus.

Q40: Will there be any special fees associated only with the PlayStation®4 version?
A40: No, it will be the same as all the other platforms.

Q41: Will the PlayStation 4 support keyboard and mouse?
A41: If it can be used with the PlayStation 4 it can be used.

Q42: Will there be a Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 4 version?
A42: Yes, we will offer a Collector’s Edition!

Q43: Are there any plans to sell a special package which includes a PlayStation 4 and FFXIV: ARR?
A43: Unknown as of this point. We will let you know once we have any additional information on the matter.

Q44: If we start playing on it with an existing character, will there be a system that will allow us to transfer over our macros and such? 
A44: As long as the feature for saving these to the server makes it in time, it will be possible.

Q46: Please show us some Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita.
A46: The stream shows off the Remote Play feature.

Q47: Will be able to utilize the touch screen with the PlayStation®Vita?
A47: Yes, you will!

Q48: PlayStation®Vita does not have the R1, R2, L1, and L2 buttons. How will that work?
A48: You will be able to assign the functions to one of the buttons.

Q49: Will it be possible to use the Remote Play feature during the Beta Test?
A49: We are not able to confirm it 100% at the moment, but it might just be possible.

Q50: Will we able to utilize the second screen feature with the PlayStation®Vita?
A50: We currently have no plans to utilize the second screen feature because MMORGPs often require all the information to be focused on the same screen. If you have good ideas on utilizing the feature, please let us know!


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