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Enter the Wolves' Den

14 Dec 2013

Prepare test your mettle against your fellow adventurers as we give you a brief preview of the Wolves’ Den, the upcoming PvP arena in patch 2.1.

The Wolves’ Den

For most, the Calamity will be remembered for the destruction it wrought upon the realm; however, what is oft overlooked is the fact that selfsame destruction also gave rise to myriad creations─one example being an odd crucible-shaped island thrust up from beneath Galadion Bay. Eorzea was not but two moons removed from the Calamity when a crew of Roegadyn Sea Wolves returning to Limsa Lominsa in the battered remains of the Braveheart discovered this newly formed anomaly. Moving quickly so as not to allow her enemies a foothold so near the thalassocracy, the Admiral laid claim to the island and had it transformed into a military training facility of sorts, naming it the Wolves’ Den, after the brave men and women who first happened across the place.

Urged by its allies in Gridania and Ul’dah, the Maelstrom soon opened the Den’s doors to members of all the Grand Companies of Eorzea, with the hopes that through the staged battles waged within, the cumulative strength of the realm’s defenses would burgeon.

The Wolves’ Den allows players to face off against one another via instanced battle arenas. Before registering for battle, players must first enlist in a Grand Company and complete the corresponding quest below. Upon completion, players can register for matches via the Duty Finder.

Grand Company Maelstrom Twin Adder Immortal Flames
Quest Name A Pup No Longer (Maelstrom) A Pup No Longer (Twin Adder) A Pup No Longer (Immortal Flames)
NPC R’ashaht Rhiki Vorsaile Heuloix Swift
Quest Location Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks
(X:13 Y:12)
New Gridania
(X:9 Y:11)
Ul’dah – Steps of Nald
(X:8 Y:8)

A Disciple of War or Magic level 30 or above is required to do battle in the Wolves’ Den.

To access the Wolves’ Den, speak with the ferry skipper found at the Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea.


Arenas in the Wolves’ Den have been divided into categories based on level and party matching preferences. When registering alone or with a premade party, team composition must adhere to the requirements of one tank, one healer, and two DPS.

Arena Level Time Limit Number of Participants
Wolves’ Den Level 30 or above 30 minutes 1 – 4
Wolves’ Den Level 40 or above 30 minutes 1 – 4
Wolves’ Den
(Party Matched Arena)
Level 50 Level 50 1-3
Wolves’ Den
(Premade Party Arena)
Level 50 Level 50 4

* New party members cannot be invited during one the battle is in progress.

Rules of Engagement
Players who exceed the designated level for an arena will be level synced.

Upon registering, players will be assigned to one of two teams—the Fangs or the Claws. Both teams will be given two minutes to prepare, then the match will begin.

Character Names
The title “Fresh Meat” will appear in place of participants’ character names.

Victory Conditions
Matches will end when all members of one have been KO’d. In the event that neither team is defeated within the allotted time, the match will end in a draw.
Spoils of Battle
Players are awarded PVP EXP and Wolf Marks for participating in matches. Wolf Marks can be exchanged for PvP-exclusive gear, materia, and actions.
All PvP-related gear will include the morale parameter. In level 50 arena matches, the morale parameter will affect the amount of damage taken from other players, effectively replacing physical and magical defense.


PvP Ranking
As players continue to battle in the Wolves’ Den, they will accrue PvP EXP and eventually rise in rank, earning Action Points. Upon reaching a certain rank, players will also receive titles.
* Titles received via the Wolves’ Den vary by Grand Company affiliation. Additional titles will be released in future updates.


PvP Actions
In addition to your character’s standard set of actions, players can also learn actions designed exclusively for PvP encounters. PvP actions are acquired and enhanced by accumulating Action Points. Additional effects gained will vary depending on the skill that is enhanced. To view available PvP actions, select PvP Profile within the Character section of the main menu.


The Spoils of War
By participating in matches, players will obtain Wolf Marks, which can be exchanged for various PvP-related gear, materia, and more.