Beast Tribe Quest Preview

Today’s patch 2.1 preview will introduce beast tribe quests, which give adventurers a glimpse into the daily lives and inner workings of the beast tribes. With new quests available every day, players can steadily raise their reputation among the beastmen to win their favor. By lending your aid to the tribes, you can discover the untold secrets of Eorzea’s enigmatic denizens and reap rewards for your efforts.

Beast Tribe Quest Overview
Beast tribe quests are a new series of quests which can be accepted from the beast tribes that have befriended the people of Eorzea.
The beast tribe quests added in patch 2.1 will give players a closer look at the lives of the sylph and Amalj’aa tribes.
Peaceful Beast Tribes
Although the three city-states are locked in constant battle with the beast tribes, there exist factions of beastmen who maintain cordial relations with their neighbors. These beastmen factions have chosen to establish hamlets removed from their hostile brethren. To undertake beast tribe quests and learn of their ways, players must proceed to Little Solace, home of the sylphs, and the Ring of Ash, home of the Amalj’aa.
Players can accept up to six quests in a single day. Quest objectives can range from helping the beastmen defender their homes to assisting them in tasks to maintain their livelihood. Upon completion, players are rewarded with experience points, gil, and Allagan tomestones. By completing these daily beast tribe quests, players will also improve their reputation with that tribe. When your reputation has risen sufficiently, you will be able to raise it to a higher rank by undertaking a special quest.
After sufficiently raising reputation, players will be able to undertake special beast tribe quests to increase their rank. These special quests will give further insight into the culture and daily lives of the beastmen. Upon completing one of these special quests, your rank will increase and your reputation counter will be reset. By increasing your rank, additional quests will be unlocked, and a wider variety of items will become available for purchase from tribe vendors.
Undertaking Beast Tribe Quests
Speak with one of the NPCs below to begin a series of quests which, upon completion, will unlock beast tribe quests.Sylphs: Little Solace

Quest Name Seeking Solace
Required Level Level 42
Quest Location New Gridania (X:9, Y:11) – Vorsaile Heuloix
Quest Prerequisites Players must first complete the main scenario quest “In Pursuit of the Past.”

Amalj’aa: Ring of Ash

Quest Name Peace for Thanalan
Required Level Level 43
Quest Location Ul’dah – Steps of Nald NPC “Swift”
Quest Prerequisites Players must complete the main scenario quest “In Pursuit of the Past.”
Beast Tribe Vendors
Each beast tribe that maintains relations with the city-states manages a shop which sells various goods. Although not immediately available, players may gain access to these shops by improving their relations with the beast tribes. By completing daily beast tribe quests and raising your reputation, you will be able to purchase various items such as furnishings, minions, and mounts.