Side Story Quest Preview

Today’s sneak peek will introduce side story quests, which aim to immerse adventurers in the myriad matters of import throughout Eorzea. In patch 2.1, we welcome the return of Hildibrand—agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire—and an unusual case befitting his expertise.

Read on for details.

Hildibrand Manderville
If ever there was a crime to be solved, Hildibrand would surely be there to crack the case. Perhaps the greatest case of his time was Dalamud, and the prophecy foretelling its descent. Believing himself a hero of destiny, Hildibrand did bravely propel himself into the moon’s path, but, alas, was never heard from again.

Nashu Mhakaracca
Nashu was Hildibrand’s faithful assistant up until his disappearance five years ago. Today, she carries on in the gentleman hero’s stead, offering the people of Eorzea her sleuthing services.

In an effort to unravel the mystery of Dalamud, the esteemed Hildibrand—agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire—was thrust to the heavens, never to be seen again. Carrying on the great detective’s legacy, Nashu Mhakaracca works tirelessly to unravel the many mysteries which beleaguer Eorzea. With taverns throughout Ul’dah abuzz with talk of unusual zombie activity, her powers of deduction will soon be tested.