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New Version Update Blankets Vana'diel in Layer of Warmth!

10 Dec 2013

With cold weather on the way, hunker down into the recesses of your favorite gear and let the memories come flooding back with the revolutionary Trust system! Take some of the most famous faces in Vana’diel―including Curilla, Naji, and Kupipi―on any quest or mission you wish. Should you occasionally be stricken with a desire for icy solitude, however, embark upon a few Records of Eminence objectives and reap some comely rewards with which to kindle your singular spirit.

While those are the two most drastic changes to the world this December, they are not the only ones. Fire up the forge and break out the anvil once more, for artifact armor may be reforged to item level 119. Port Jeuno’s friendly seal dealers are also eagerly awaiting your Sacred Kindred’s Crest transactions, traveling across continents is a veritable breeze thanks to new home point warping, and the list just doesn’t stop!

Pour a hot cup of date tea and steel yourself against winter’s chill with the comforting details.