‘Thief: Channeling of the Primal’ Trailer Now Out, Companion App announced, and Pre-Order Bonuses

A new Thief trailer is out! And its pretty cool. The trailer is called ‘Thief: Channeling of the Primal’ and features Garret at the center of a heist to steal a special artifact – one that is used by a group of shady robed dudes trying to summon a being called the Primal. It’s an excellent trailer that runs for about 2 minutes and you can watch it on the official Thief  YouTube channel below.

Its worth also mentioning that the Official Companion App for Thief was also announced. There will be two version; one is the “lite” version and a “full” version. The “lite” version comes is multiple languages; it is free and gives access to the latest trailers, art and news. The “full” application is $2.99 and also comes in multiple languages. It contains a direct link to your in-game stats and the official Thief wiki. From it you can also access interactive maps from game guides publisher Prima Games as well as get access to the Official Thief digital comics and other neat extra features.

Finally, we see an official announcement from SquareEnix on the pre-order bonuses that came to light during VGx this past weekend. If you pre-order Thief at GameStop, you’ll get the “full” Companion App above for free as well as the following:

The game is scheduled for release February 25th, 2014. You can find the official press releases for the trailer [here] and for the companion app [here].