The Lore Train: The Equipment of Adventurers

4 Dec 2013


There are myriad types of gear that adventurers equip themselves with in Eorzea.

Some are ordinary garments that garner no second look, however, some of these pieces are rich in history as they are in fashion! Climb aboard this edition of the Lore Train to gain a better understanding of the history surrounding some of the equipment players can find in A Realm Reborn.

Today’s lore lesson comes to us from the lore team on the official forums.

Simply put: some equipment is designed with lore in mind, and some equipment is not.

Take the Allagan weapons and armor that can be obtained in the Binding Coil of Bahamut, for example. The Allagan Empire was a highly advanced civilization, and the Allagan set’s design reflects that.

On the other hand, the designs of the equipment obtained in Amdapor Keep, as well as all aetherial equipment, were not created with lore in mind. This equipment is only intended to help players challenge more difficult content. One might say that these items are the legacy of other adventurers, who either perished in the dungeon or discarded their equipment for whatever reason.

Weapons and armor that fall into both categories will be added with patch 2.1. We’re especially proud of the equipment we created for the Labyrinth of the Ancients, and we hope you’re excited to earn them!

We’ve also noticed that some of you are curious about the lore behind certain sets in particular:

  • Darklight Equipment The original weapons and armor once belonged to the Darklight Raiders, a legendary band of mercenaries who fell in battle to the chimera of Cutter’s Cry. These storied relics were recovered by adventurers at the end of the Sixth Astral Era, and eventually found their way into the possession of the enterprising Rowena, who has since chosen to sell them. Despite their quality, however, there are doubts regarding their authenticity, considering the sheer quantity she seems to possess.
  • Coliseum Gear A match held on the bloodsands is a celebration of man’s potential for greatness. To exemplify this fact, Ul’dahn gladiators often choose to wear this gear so that onlookers can admire the physical perfection they have achieved. Naturally, there are those outside of Ul’dah who see value in Coliseum gear for these reasons, and one could easily imagine a subligar or two finding its way into the possession of an Ishgardian lord or lady─surreptitiously, of course.
  • Maidservant/Manservant Attire These garments were briefly mentioned during the Letter from the Producer LIVE, but to clarify: they won’t be obtained in Haukke Manor. For now, we can’t reveal anything beyond that.