New Ridge Racer Game Announced for Mobile Devices

4 Dec 2013


Namco Bandai recently announced through their Twitter page that a new Ridge Racer game is set to be released this month. The game, titled “Ridge Racer Slipstream,” will be iOS and Android exclusive. Few details have been released at this time, although the launch trailer mentions features such as full-HD gameplay and extensive choices for vehicle customization.

The long-running franchise’s last attempt at a mobile release was “Ridge Racer Accelerated” in 2009. The game, borrowing the engine from the PSP’s “Ridge Racer 2,” received middling reviews. It’s hard to say for sure without any official announcements, but gleaning from the new game’s launch trailer, it looks like Namco Bandai is attempting to fix the complaints from the last game, namely the fact that reviewers called it a barebones game.

Marketed as the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebration, “Ridge Racer Slipstream” will be released on December 19th, 2013. An official Twitter page for the game has been created, where further announcements will be made up until the release date. The launch trailer can be viewed below.