FFXI’s Summoners Will Have To Wait Longer For Atomos And Cait Sith


As far back as July 2011, Square Enix laid out plans to implement two brand new avatars for Vana’diel’s Summoners: Atomos and Cait Sith. Around this time last year, we finally got a glimpse of Cait Sith in action!… if you could really call it that. Today, Akihiko Matsui has taken to the forums to post an update for those that have been eagerly awaiting the new avatars.

Sorry for making you all wait on this. We definitely want to implement Cait Sith and Atomos soon but it’s not just the magic and abilities that we need to finalize, we also need time to develop the quest, storyline, and cutscenes associated with obtaining these avatars. As much as we want to have this completed and implemented, we haven’t been able to allocate our resources to this which is causing a delay. Please hang in there for just a bit longer.

Considering that the story of Wings of the Goddess ended some time ago, and with the latest expansion pack having launched in March, there are sure to be many players wondering just how much resources the Final Fantasy XI team has in these days where Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is in full swing.