Crystal Tower Preview

Today’s patch 2.1 preview will feature the long-awaited Crystal Tower from FINAL FANTASY III! Enter with up to 24 players and do battle with the dark forces that have awoken within.

Read on for details.

Ancient scriptures speak of a resplendent tower forged of crystal. Reaching to the heavens, this massive monolith is said to have been erected by the Allagans at the height of their prosperity. Long thought to be a legend from centuries past, the fabled Crystal Tower has been freed from Hydaelyn’s embrace, unearthed in the wake of the Calamity.
The Allagans’ surpassing command of magic and technology fostered a civilization unlike any to precede or follow. What then, could be the purpose of this crystalline construct, and what forgotten relics now stir within its walls?

Class Level Requirement Level 50 Disciple of War or Magic
Item Level Requirements Average item level ○○ or above
Party Size 24 players (three eight-player parties)
Time Limit 120 minutes
Quest Name Labyrinth of the Ancients
Quest Requirements Players must first complete the quest “A Performance for the Ages.”

* Starting with patch 2.1, players can view the average item level of their equipment via the Character interface.

Entering the Crystal Tower

Players can access the Crystal Tower via the Duty Finder either solo or in a party of up to eight players. When forming a party, players must first meet the class requirements of the Duty Finder before registering (two tanks, four DPS, two healers). Once registered, players will be matched with a group of 24 players to enter the Crystal Tower.

Viewing the Party List

Upon entering the Crystal Tower players will be able to review the class and HP of all alliance members.
* Player names are displayed by selecting a member from the list, or hovering the mouse over them.

* Development screenshot—subject to change.

The position of the alliance list can be changed via the HUD Layout interface.


Overcome the dangers of this Allagan monument and find yourself handsomely rewarded!

* Each party in an alliance will receive a treasure box, the contents of which are restricted to their party.

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          thought it would include the onion helm and stuff I got in 1.0 for being a CE purchaser! o.o?

  1. I’m going to guess that the gear here is being copy-right for the Warriors of Light,lol! The gear for the gladiator class is obvious and well recognized.

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