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Square Enix Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off Next Month

27 Nov 2013


The Square Enix Anniversary Celebration is set to kick off on December 11th with events in Final Fantasy XI. Following that, Dragon Quest X will see an FFXI event from mid January to mid February and then a Final Fantasy XIV event from mid February to mid March. Final Fantasy XIV will see content for late January to early February.

Citizens of Vana’diel will be able to unlock the iconic Slime from Dragon Quest as well as Eorzea’s Spriggan in monstrosity as well as earn Slime decorated gear and a Spriggan outfit.

Those in Dragon Quest X will see an appearance by Shantotto and award players with Chocobo Berets and Cactuar masks.

Last but not least, adventurers in Eorzea will go face to face with Shantotto in a brand new F.A.T.E. which can net them a Shantotto minion. Additionally the golems from Dragon Quest will make a similar appearance in both F.A.T.E and minion.

You can check out images of the events in the gallery below!