FFXIV Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 56

Bragging Rights - Aetheryte Radio

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? How are you? What have you been up too?

The Binding Coil has been beaten, people are roaming the streets of Ul’dah (the best city ever) in full Darklight or Allagan armor, and Chocobos are cosplaying as White Mages! The adventurers that have returned from the aetherial rift have been quite busy since returning to the realm!

Let us know what you’ve accomplished over the past few weeks during your Journeys in Eorzea! We’ll pick some of our favorites and read them on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio which is currently scheduled for November 23, 9:00 PM EST.

4 thoughts on “FFXIV Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 56

  1. Yumi Hibiki from masamune here^^

    I collected all darklight pieces for summoner except the robe because i wear vanya robe and summoner af+1 horn, i also finally beat titan hard mode after countless failed attempts and got my summoner relic weapon yaay~^^

  2. In 1.0, i tried for a long time to get an Ifrit weapon but never was able to beat him. But in ARR, I have managed to not only get an Ifrit Bow, but also a Garuda Bow and a Titan Bow. Now I’m determined to have a lv50 bow collection. bring on the extreme modes!

  3. BRD at level 47

    Progressed all the way to Titan Hard mode and now Stuck

    now have 4 pieces of Darklight and now working to get Body piece.

    Stuck on Titan Hard on Relic Quest for DRG.

    450 more ToM’s to get the items for my Relic +1.

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