Return Of The Kupo


Greetings, everyone!
Good Rep Bayohne Bay XII here!

Work is well underway for the upcoming release of patch 2.1 in December!
And I know you’re all eagerly awaiting the return of the Good King (Moggle Mog XII)!


So far the primal battles have focused on four or eight adventurers battling against a primal. However, Good King Moggle Mog XII looks to even the score as the battle will pit 8 adventurers against 8 enemies at once!
(Though, keep in mind that Good King Moggle Mog isn’t a primal!)

Since we know you all are interested in getting a peak at the goodies, we’ve snapped an image of the new book…

WHAT! It’s a pop-up book!
Just wait ’til you all hear the sound it makes!

– Bayohne

  • Darrgoth

    It’s hideous!

    • julius

      u an idiot

      • Darrgoth

        Idiots aren’t privileged enough to call others idiots.

        • Psxpert

          indeed! [+1]

  • Psxpert

    kawaii for cuteness!