One Year Later- Remember The Battle Of Cartenau

One year ago today marked the end of era.

After defeating The White Raven, Nael Van Darnus, adventurers then faced the Garlean Empire in Mor Dhona at what is now known as the Battle of Cartenau. However, victory would not be an option this day.

This day, we discovered that the red moon Dalamud was not simply a man made sphere in the sky, but a prison that contained the elder primal Bahamut. As Bahamut unleashed his fury upon the realm, Louisoix sent the adventurers into an aetherial rift that they might return when the realm needed them once more.

As Bahamut readied his megaflare, a bright white light appeared and Bahamut and Louisoix both vanished. With these events, the seventh umbra era had begun.

Today, one year later, the adventurers are back in a transformed Eorzea. Let us not forget the Battle of Cartenau, the stories that came before it, or the hard work that allowed us to return to a realm reborn!