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Grennith's Diary

6 Nov 2013

The one-and-only wonderful funderful Fremilla here, ready to liven up your day!

What’s that? You don’t remember me?

How could you forget the most memorable face in all of Ulbuka? We even had a moment together outside the gates of Castle Adoulin. You were looking for Arciela…

Come on! Honestly, I don’t know how that couldn’t get your memory a-movin’.

Even if my lovely countenance doesn’t spark your memory, though, this nifty-shifty item here should at least spark your interest.

“…What’s that?”

“Cynthia, just because you asked to look doesn’t mean you can rip it out of my hands like that! Proper etiquette dictates that you wait for me to give my approval and let me hand it to you. People’s property isn’t the teat of a wetnurse, you infantile brute.”

“Hey, this is Grennith’s diary…”

“That would be correct. It details the daily events of our tyrant of tidiness and timeliness way back twelve years ago when she was but a maiden of sixteen. Coincidentally, that’s almost the same age as we are now!”

“Twelve years ago…I was only three.”

“No one asked you, Cynthia. Perhaps it would be better for you to take a page out of Grennith’s diary and shut your trap until you’re spoken to. Now then, there’s a particular entry around the time she first entered into servitude at the castle. Does that interest you at all?”

“Yes…but I wouldn’t want to test my luck.”

“Test my luck? I think you mean tear the lid off some delicious tidbits of information. How can you balk at a chance to read the innermost thoughts of a young Grennith? Perhaps she even pens a few paragraphs on her exploits in the field of love!”

“Maybe, but I certainly didn’t have you in mind when I wrote those entries.”


“Fremilla! Get over here this instant!

“G-G-Grennith! How long have you been here?! Uh, I mean you’ve got it all wrong! Please, not the whip! Anything but the whip!”

“I told you it was a gamble.”

Peruse the yellowing pages of Grennith’s diary to discover what her life was like when she first came to Castle Adoulin.