Arboreal Maledictions

Our amazing analysts at the Adoulin Examiner are back with their third enchanting exposition!

In our last issue, the dynamic duo sought to question a quirky man dressed in black…but their valiant efforts ended in vain.

I wonder who he was, kupo…

Setting that aside, in this astounding article Fam and Owl attend to the magnificent mysteries of the Ulbukan continent.

To think! A genteel girl gallivanting through the wilds! Her family must be furious, kupo!

But this time, they took with them a young woman affiliated with the Order of Weatherspoon, which asserts authority equal to the omnipotent Order of Adoulin.

Why? Well, with exceptional exorcists like…what’s his name…that’s right, Vortimere! Vortimere commands the highest heights of respect.

You know, for many moons, men have told tales of the “curse of the forest”…could it be related to the exorcists, kupo?

Read the revealing report on their adventures with a freshly-minted exorcist and find out!