Don’t Judge a Galka by His Fur

Happy harvest-time hoedown, hearty harriers of havening!

Once again the vibrations of voluminous voices chanting “Trick or treat,” will soon echo extensively off enclosures and embankments throughout the three nations, kupo.

By the way, do you remember the record of rambling rovers from the remote west who smoked out the secrets of the spooky and spine-chilling Dark Lilies for all to see? I believe they maintained peace under the moniker of “exorcist,” kupo.

Well, one of these acolytes of Altana wound up waxing wise in Windurst with a mage.

Thanks to his seriously sagacious statements, the mage learned some lasting lessons about not berating a book based on its binding, kupo.

Read on for the entirety of an encouraging exchange between an enchanter and exorcist.