One thought on “Aetheryte Radio 54: Tin Foiled Again!

  1. They are going to ban people for using a bug that they haven’t fixed or cant because it may break the game in other areas. Yet, there are unlimited gil/level spammers that can blast chat or tells all day long and my Blacklist is full so im stuck. Why don’t they fix their bugs and ban people that should be banned. If you don’t want people taking advantage of a bug then make sure to fix them. There is no law that states that a person can be banned because if the mechanic happens in the game without an outside resource affecting the code of the game, meaning that a player isn’t manipulating the game code or using a 3rd party program to affect it then it is legal to play the game as intended since the game is doing it therefore it is intended to work as it is. That my friends is a fact, game companies don’t like it then don’t put out a game till it is bulletproof. PEROID….

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