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FFXIV Players Will Be Able To World Transfer Free For First Five Days

2 Oct 2013


Naoki Yoshida has made a post on the official forums discussing the upcoming world transfer service. He stated that transfers will be free for everyone for the first five days of service and cautioned those that are thinking about moving to worlds that are already heavily populated.

Read on for the full post.

FFXIV: ARR Producer and Director Yoshida here.

I would like to start off by apologizing for the login and character creation restrictions due to the heavy congestion during the two weeks following the launch of FFXIV: ARR. Twice now we’ve enhanced existing servers and introduced new servers, and with the upcoming additions that will be made starting in the middle of this month and finishing up at the end, we will have developed our expanded infrastructure to properly meet our operation needs.

As a result of players experiencing problems following the character creation restrictions, we have been working hard to introduce the World Transfer Service.

  • You picked a World because you liked the name, but character creation was closed when you tried to create a character.
  • You wanted to play with your real life friends, but were unable to create a character on their World.
  • You created a character on a World that is often congested and were often met with login restrictions.

Before you all read the official announcement, I’ve organized an outline of the World Transfer Service describing what it is, the benefits, risks, and case by case scenarios, so if you are thinking about using the World Transfer Service or plan on using it, please be sure to read on.

  • What is the World Transfer Service?

    Simply put, the World Transfer Service is a service that will allow you to move from your current World to another World of your choice. Normally this is a fee-based service; however, as an apology to players for the aforementioned issues, we will be offering this service free for the first five days.

    However, please be aware of the below.

    • A single transfer is a one to one transfer from your original World to a single destination World.
    • If it’s a single destination, you can transfer up to eight characters at once.
    • In the event you would like to move character #1 to World A, and character #2 to World B or C, you will have to perform two world transfers.
    • In order to transfer, the below requirements need to be fulfilled:
      → You cannot belong to a Free Company (If you do belong to one, please leave the Free Company).
      → Make sure the character you wish to transfer is logged out.
      → Make sure there are no items being sold on the market boards.
      → There will be a limitation on the maximum amount of gil you can bring into the destination World.

    Additional details on the rules and restrictions will be explained in the official announcement.

    Furthermore, it will be possible to move from a new World to a new World, a Legacy World to a Legacy World, and a new World to a Legacy World. In the future, we will look at economic conditions on new Worlds and plan on making it possible to transfer from Legacy Worlds to new Worlds; however, this option will not be available at the start of the World Transfer Service. We appreciate your understanding.

  • What are the benefits of transferring Worlds?

    One of the biggest reasons that people use World transfers is so that they can meet up with their friends and play together.

    The largest benefits being that you can adventure with your friends, or meet up with the people you’ve become friends with via the Duty Finder, and of course play with the people you want to play with.

    The service also gives you the ability to move to the World that features the name that you really like.

  • What are the risks of transferring Worlds?

    There really aren’t any negatives to transferring, but there are a couple of risks, which I would like to go over.

    Risk of having to rename your character
    One risk of transferring is that there may be a character on the destination World with the same name as you. In this case, the name priority is given to the person who is originally from that World.
    If you try to move your character to this World, you will be asked to change your name. Applying for the World Transfer Service will be performed from the Mog Station. When applying, the system will check whether there is a character residing on the destination World with the same name. However, there may be cases where a character with the same name is created on the destination World a second sooner than when you are transferred, and while this might be extremely rare, please understand that we cannot guarantee anything.

    Risk of congestion
    In the event that you use the World Transfer Service and the destination World is one with a large population, login restrictions may be enacted during each region’s peak time, which falls between 9 p.m. to midnight. While we have raised the amount of players that can simultaneously play on each World to 8,000, if this number is exceeded, we may impose login restrictions to prioritize World stability. In the event you wish to transfer to a heavily populated World, please understand this risk. Currently the following Worlds are heavily populated:

    Japan Data Center NA/EU Data Center
    Alexander Behemoth
    Anima Cactuar
    Atomos Excalibur(LEGACY)
    Carbuncle Hyperion(LEGACY)
    Fenrir Moogle(EU)
    Garuda Ultros

    Please keep this in mind if you’re thinking about transferring to one of the above Worlds. Also, if you and your friends plan on congregating on a specific World, it would be best to avoid the above in order to have a stable play environment.

    Risk of gil loss
    When transferring Worlds, in the event the destination World is a new World, in order to prevent the transportation of RMT gil, there will be limitations on the amount of gil that you can bring to the destination World. This is a critical specification in order to protect the economic conditions on each World, so before transferring, please keep this in mind. In the event you transfer Worlds and you exceed the gil limit, the amount that exceeds the limit will be lost.

    Risk of a period where you cannot log in
    It’s difficult for us to predict the amount of people that will be applying for a transfer during the free period. You will need to be logged out for the transfer to occur and we will be transferring characters in the order that was requested. In the event that there are a large amount of applications then there is the possibility that you will not be able to log in for a couple of days. We will keep an eye on the congestion and make announcements regarding this, but in the worst case scenario, please understand that you may not be able to log in for a couple of days until the transfer has been completed.

  • Warning if you are transferring to a specific World because you like the name

    Due to the character creation restrictions that were imposed after the official launch of service, there may be cases where you really wanted to play on Chocobo, but made a character on a different server. By using the World Transfer Service, you will be able to move to the World of your choice. However, as I mentioned above, in the event that the destination World is heavily populated, there is a possibility that login restrictions will be imposed during peak times. Please carefully consider this when making your decision.

  • Warning if you are moving to a World with multiple friends

    In the event you have four friends who had to make characters on four separate Worlds, you can use the World Transfer Service to all meet up on a single World. However, please make sure that the destination World is not overpopulated for all of you. Transferring with multiple people will affect the population, so we recommend selecting a World that has a comparatively lower population so that peak times are stable.

    Japan Data Center NA/EU Data Center
    Asura Coeurl
    Belias Brynhildr
    Pandaemonium Faerie
    Unicorn Famfrit
    Yojimbo Goblin
    Zeromus Lamia

    The above Worlds have a good amount of room, even during peak times, and are also a good destination for those who are just starting FFXIV: ARR. These are great choices for those of you wishing to transfer with multiple people, so please consider these.

I apologize that there were those of you who were unable to select the World of your choice due to character creation restrictions. We will be announcing details and rules for the World Transfer Service in the coming days.

Thank you so much for your continued support for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.