FFXIV Getting Vote Kick In A Future Update


Foxclon has posted on the Japanese forums that Square Enix is planning to release a vote to kick feature in Final Fantasy XIV. The below was translated by subligar lover extroadinare Reinheart:

To have a vote kick feature while using the Duty Finder is not hard to do technically, and we are planning to release.

However, there is a possibility of this feature being used wrongfully, therefore we are focusing to make sure these type of problems don’t occur as much as possible. For that reason, the release timing is not confirmed yet, we are looking into if we’re going to implement this in patch 2.1.

An MVP feature will make its way into the game in 2.1, allowing players to vote on a player they thought had a great attitude in Duty Finder. While this might help address behavioral issues in groups, it won’t prevent them completely and certainly won’t help those that simply AFK without warning. Will vote kicking be added to the already large list of additions for 2.1? Or will it be added later? We’ll know soon enough.

8 thoughts on “FFXIV Getting Vote Kick In A Future Update

    1. On the upside, they’re adding that in 2.1 as well. Confirmed on the dev blog. :)

    2. I agree, if for nothing else to quick blacklist the RMT spammers.

  1. This came not come soon enough im tired of those people joining CM and just going AFK the whole time leeching.

  2. “This is madness!” “THIS! IS! AMDAPOR!” *kicks noob off the side of Demon Wall*

  3. What they need to do is input some confirmation code to make this AFK crap go away. Something a macro cannot overwrite. This idea of Vote to kick can not be used ever. It is like a nuke bomb that will never save lives. Look here is a valid argument. So the big problem is AFK and also people not having the right gear to enter a dungeon so idea’s were: vote to kick to get rid of AFK and gear check because its too difficult and enough people are not doing there jobs or something.
    1. AFK is also a way of civil disobedience to elitist scumbags who are control freaks. And anything from combo’s during battle to gear, Macro’s, or speed runs screw the noobs they will complain about just cause they can. However AFK is not helping anyone by being a douche yourself. And it doesn’t really help noobs either.
    2. Gear check. Giving the fact it means from hereon you will have to do more classes to get gear and level up at a slower pace including becoming a one man army and supplier to yourself. (who then needs a Free Company for help?) Join a party in progress and to hell with friends. You are doing all the work with no help screw them all. Gear is already sold at idiotic prices. (should be fixed prices plus whatever Materia or quality you have added to price that would cut buying illegal gil in half.) But this game then becomes all Merc and Rouge and no one would need to do anything even join a party for fates. All parties left are jackals and scavengers. And Lone wolves to fight them.
    Now that this is out there when ever has any political structure in any game ever worked out EVER. Name one that didn’t end in so much drama that it hurt the game and people turned away. That includes any potential people who would recommend or bring in new blood.
    If we want to address AFK then put in something that will force compliance to play. Even on cut scenes player must skip scene or push a button sequence risk getting booted. If you really want to get rid of AFK simplier answer is allowing blacklisting in dungeon’s. This forces people to either play together or not. If you do not wish to play with someone blacklist them in dungeons but this can only be done by actual meeting in area sed person in dungeon and confirming thru sending tell or something. Now this might screw it up for your group if lets say someone in your group blacklisted a potential join but then well he or she will have to explain it to you. If later you ran into this person and situation was different than what was told then you definitely are not with the right friends. this way is far more fairer and also allows for better social parameters. A simple answer of to kick or not kick isn’t valid. And also who wants to deal with jerks when paying for something. Respect peoples right not to play with each other and also force people to account for there actions. After all how many of us have been taken for a ride by people we supposedly trusted in an MMO only to find out what they were up to and we wasted how much time….
    If anyone has better ideas please tell square before this game gets lost again.

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