Browse The Wiki In… Greek?

TranslateWhile we can’t vouch for how well Google translates the lore of Eorzea into Greek (or Hindi, or Portuguese or Thai, let alone Japanese, French or German), we nevertheless have gone ahead and added a Google translate option to the wikis. You can find the translate drop down box at the bottom of the Toolbox in the left navigation panel (you will need to be logged into the wiki for it to appear). While there are probably not too many people who need the wiki in Esperanto, we’ve gone ahead and left as options every language Google offers. Google doing a bad job? Feel free to submit a suggested correction! It comes to us for approval and after being approved, will be shown to others browsing in that language. After selecting a translation, you can browse the wiki and each new page will load and then be translated for you. Just click “Show Original” and you’re back to English. While this might not help the majority of the readers, it will surely help some members of the community some of the time. So… enjoy (or magsaya or mať radosť or χαίρομαι)!