The Binding Coil Has Been Completed. Kind Of.


Moments ago on Reddit, a user by the name of throwaway_twintania posted an image showing that their Free Company on the Moogle world had successfully completed Turn Five of The Binding Coil of Bahamut which is currently the hardest content in Final Fantasy XIV.

However, there is something else to note in this post- they were able to win due to a bug that caused the turn’s boss, Twintania to simply stand there at around 80% health allowing for an easy kill.

The OP stresses that they have already submitted a GM ticket to report the incident and due to the nature of the fight they are not claiming this to be the world first win for The Binding Coil of Bahamut.

Square Enix has previously stated that if there are issues with a monster becoming immobilized that the party should exit the battlefield and re-attempt the fight. In this case, the group in question proceeded to defeat the monster and thus complete the Binding Coil. The group has asked that they receive rollbacks as the win was unfair. Whether or not Square Enix will do that as opposed to a ban remains to be seen.

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  1. I like it that they are asking for roll backs as it was a unfair win.. that is some dedication there and no greedy needy ppl.

    1. Why didn’t they just stop the fight….. they had 80% to do so? I think they’re asking for a rollback because they were caught. :P

      1. This isn’t the first I heard of the bug. I haven’t reached that part yet but I have reported bugs before. Times when people would cheat and continue playing, I would leave the party.

    2. They will likely get banned because everyone knows that you wasn’t supposed to kill a locked up boss and took advantage of the system. Whether or not they are claiming to not beat it they still did.

    3. I think it’s up to Square Enix to decide what they going to do but it’s whether they plan to ban or role-back their progress but it were you, would you take the chance to ignore the bug and defeat the NM?

  2. Personally I think SE needs to not ban people for stuff like this. It’s like that Salvage glitch that they banned around 10k people for. Really? Isn’t there a better way to punish players? Like Scarlet letter style, also muting do GM’s have muting powers? Or is it still just straight to jail?

    1. If a player willfully continues to battle an immobilized monster, the player will be in violation of the user agreement. The game logs of violators will be investigated, and those who are found to be in violation may be subject to punishment, such as a character data rollback or account termination. Please do not try to take advantage of this issue.

      1. SE punishing people for their incompetence would just be ludicrous.

  3. I mean if a monster is immobilized it’s not your fault. Just SE shitty fucking scripting.

    1. It is still considered exploitation of a bug or glitch, which is in violation of the terms of use. Thus they can be banned for life from the game.

  4. The boss stood around for you to kill, you kill it. It’s one think to intentionally look for and exploit a bug, it’s another thing to be a victim of a bug. In this case, they are victims with reward rather than penalty. There should not be a roll back, and they should keep everything resulting from this event. SE needs to do the right thing, ignore the request and hotfix the boss.

  5. 80% all … the… way… to… 0% …
    come on now…
    its a bug, leave the fight, leave the party, then REPORT THE BUG!
    It’s the “dupping- issue” all over again from FFxi (your going to get banned).
    Your actions are going to be questioned, not your integrity.

  6. Incredible that a company would ban its customers because the company itself failed to properly debug the fight and, or have been pushing it off because they like to wait until 2.1 to fix things like this instead of hot fixing it NOW!

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