New Media- Final Fantasy XIV Meets Lightning Returns

Today, Square Enix released a video shown at the Tokyo Game show detailing some of the content that players can except to see when Lightning visits Eorzea starting November 14th.

Players will be able to fight alongside Lightning in one of Final Fantasy XIV’s F.A.T.Es. After completing these battles, players will then be able to receive gear and weaponry modeled after those found in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It’s quite possible that this event will follow a similar style to the current Moonfire Faire event where you receive a type of token upon the completion of each F.A.T.E and then turn them into an NPC for a reward- however the details of this for Lightning have not been confirmed.

You can check out some additional images from this cross-over after the jump!


3 thoughts on “New Media- Final Fantasy XIV Meets Lightning Returns

  1. Nice!! I would love For Lighting to Battle by my Side:) Yoshi P could you Let me Barrow that Monk Wep shes got up there lol !!! I think the Hand to hand Weps shes using should come with lighting 50%Thunder Storm when in use” Meaning that 50% when in use Makes a Storm to all Near Foes!!! Just a Thought i guess. And can add Snows Blizzard Storm As well” At Another 50% Makeing that Wep Almost impossable to Work At. I mean For each job of course , They get same as well . Spear/Bow/ Etc ….Gosh there i go again get all worked up over this. I like Brain storming of course!! And again Thanks Yoshi P . Just some help from the one that Brain storms lol. See you in Game..

  2. I appreciate the cross-over, but why not someone LIKABLE, instead of the all tsun-tsun, no dere-dere Lightning?

    Maybe Auron? Yuna? Anyone not from XIII or VII-VIII?

    1. Because Square-Enix wants to forget about the Square part since Enix took over creative writing.

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