Represent Your Grand Company With Lightning’s Miqo’te Outfit

We already know about the Miqo’te outfit in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. But we have new information about it now!… which is weird “hey guys new info about a costume!”.

Anyway, not only can players dress up as their favorite tail-equipped race from Final Fantasy XIV, but they’ll also be able to use a sword and shield from their favorite Grand Company!

Additionally, players now have the option to customize the miqo’te outfit by coloring various parts of it to their choosing.

Players in Eorzea will be able to meet Lightning starting November 14th and gain access to special Lightning and Snow costumes as well as weapons from the FFXIII universe.


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  1. What’s the link to source material citing November 14th as the date to gaining access in 14 to the Lightning and Snow costumes?

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