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Dev Tracker: Odin And Behemoth Loading Issues

24 Sep 2013


Square Enix has finally addressed player concerns over the appearance of Behemoth and Odin F.A.T.Es which draw in so many people, that it causes the disappearance of the models for these two notorious monsters.


The development team is aware of the issue that occurs when a large amount of players congregate for the Odin and Behemoth FATEs that the server can becomes unstable and characters are not displayed properly.

The below two points are high on the priority list in order to address the issue:

  • Zone enhancements
    There are times that the server will crash when more than 1,000 players gather within a zone. In order to prevent this from happening, we’ll be implementing zone enhancements.
  • Display prioritization adjustments
    FFXIV: ARR has been designed with a system to display the appropriate number of characters while maintaining non-laggy conditions even when there are a large amount of players centralized in a location. However, even though this system is working, for these two FATE there is an issue where Odin and Behemoth are not being displayed. In order to resolve this issue, we’ll be putting in a separate system specifically for these two FATE, and addressing it so the enemies are displayed properly even during times of congestion.

As mentioned, these two adjustments are high on the priority list so we can address this issue; however, it will take a little bit until everything is completed. We apologize for any inconveniences until then.

Also, we understand that this same issue is occurring for other FATEs as well, but we are prioritizing Odin and Behemoth as this issue occurs much more often in these FATEs. We’ll be addressing other FATE that have a high degree of urgency afterwards using the same methods.

We’d like to address this as quickly as possible and once we have some more information to share we will be sure to let you know!