New FFXIV Images and Video Fresh Out Of TGS!

Fresh out of Tokyo Game Show we have new images showing off the lovely illustrations featured on last nights LIVE letter stream for the Crystal Tower in addition to some new screenshots for the Binding Coil of Bahamut, Player Housing, and the Wolve’s Den! You can check out videos of some of the content below!

Additionally, make sure to check out our translations of both LIVE Letters that were done at TGS!


The Binding Coil of Bahamut

Player Housing


The Wolve’s Den

4 thoughts on “New FFXIV Images and Video Fresh Out Of TGS!

  1. As much as am loving FFIV ARR ,PVP for this game looks unbalanced and boring!! PVE is TOp notch,But they seriously need to ask Blizzard or other company for tips on how to balance PVP. 15 second sleep is way to OP.
    If u watch the video the PVP looks DULL and unbalanced.Half of the time every1 is sleeped.THe shoulda gone with Battlegrounds kinda pvp with stuff like capture the flag or 2v2 or 3v3 arena,4v4 and 8v8 is way to many ppl for that small space.

    1. That was also in beta. That’s also only one form of PvP- there is another they’re working on which will be a much larger scale system.

    2. I’m sorry ask Blizzard how to balance PvP? You’d be better off asking a Catholic priest how to pick-up a grown woman

    3. ehm you should get your facts straight before passing judgement,

      1) we know for a long time that the colloseum is only one of the two types they are planning, the other one is a zone battlefield system from what we heard so far,
      2) The pvp you see in that video is only the bare bones for testing in the beta, no pvp skills were implemented yet, yoshida even said “its unbalanced and a sleep will kill you, just try it out for fun.”

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