TGS Live Letter 2 English Translation

The final presentation for FFXIV:ARR at this year’s Tokyo Game Show has just concluded!

We got more information about player housing, the Crystal Tower and the Wolve’s den! You can check out the video of the presentation below as well as our translation of the event that we did live!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our live translations!

EDIT: Translation fixed!

f; Hello

f; Thanks for coming

f; We have a lot here

f; To everyone watching from online, thank you as well

f; We would like to continue from where we finished yesterday and start the Producer Letter Live in Makuhari.

f; Continuing from yesterday, this is your host Square-Enix Murouchi, thank you

f; I messed up

f; Okay we have lots going on today, so I would like to call him up

f; Final Fantasy XIV:ARR Producer/Director Yoshida-Naoki, please come up

y; Good morning everyone

y; We have a lot here, it’s showing “Yoshidaaa” again

f; This text is going around a lot

y; I’m sneezing a lot recently, I feel like someone in Rockman (Megaman) shouting Yoshidaaa *

(*He’s referring to 2ch forums, they call Yoshida out using Megaman ascii art shouting Yoshidaaa)

f; You finally brought that one up

y; Yes, yes

f; Thanks again for today

y; Thank you

f; Before we start we have this corner again, we have an announcement from Square-Enix

f; announcement from Square-Enix

y; you said it twice, it’s important. Is that part the important stuff?

f; Recently there are lots of Phishing e-mails going around and this one is to warn everyone

y; Let me explain to those that didn’t see the event yesterday or couldn’t make it to TGS, let me explain

y; phishing e-mail may sound hard, but basically people are faking Square-Enix’s name and sending sweet e-mails to users trying to lure them into entering their Square-Enix ID and information and saying they will give gil.

y; Please be careful of your own accounts, once your information is stolen, it’s possible your items can be taken.

y; There are many times you may use the Square-Enix ID for playing Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy XI, and XIV.

y; We are recommending everyone to please use the Security Token or the Software Token is for smartphone, android and iphone devices for free, so please use them.

f; yes, information regarding phishing e-mail and methods to protect your account is posted on the Square-Enix website so please check it out.

f; Alright,

y; Alright

f; It’s as if we’re going to start the Producer Letter Live, however, today we have a guest at the beginning

y; guest!, If we say guest too many times, people may think we’re talking about housing….

f; he talks too long so it’s okay

y; he talks long

f; lets have him come up, Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII Kitase Yoshinori, please come out

k; Hello, thanks for having me

y; Thanks for coming

f; I believe everyone already knows regarding the collaboration with Final Fantasy XIII, this image with two of you is starting to get normal.

k; Yes, during E3 we talked about doing a collaboration, and doing Final Fantasy collaboration is fun.

y; I get really nervous still just by standing next to you, really

f; how is the collaboration coming out?

y; Development team has been working, yesterday I announced the collaboration with Dragon Quest and FFXI

y; Since today we have Kitase-san here, I apologize for the sudden announcement but we have something that moves

k; really? I was told there was something today

k; there is something that moves?

y; yes, so please do quality check when you check it out

k; I haven’t checked it out yet regarding the collaboration

f; let me show what we have shown so far for the collaboration, here are the still images

f; it’s where you can become Lighting and Snow

y; It’s where Lightning comes into Eorzea

f; And today, Yoshida-san, we have a video right?

y; yes, lets go to the side

k; if it’s dull, can I give it a NO GO?

y; so this will be live quality check, please show the video

(FFXIII collaboration video playing)

k; oooh

y; What did you think?

k; I was told it was going to be collaboration with Lightning, but there was more

k; There are Odin and Bahamut in XIV, but there was XIII version in there

y; yes, the staff didn’t just want Lightning simply coming into Eorzea so she has a purpose

y; staff worked with Toriyama-san on the scenario and they got really heated up

k; Once the staffs started they got into it, we started the idea, but now the staffs got all into it

k; exchanging datas and stuff, it looked fun.

y; Just as you saw, we got events and scenario

k; I was thinking it was just going to be gears

y; No we went full out

y; what do you think of the quality?

k; what do you all think? (asking audience)

k; It was good right?

y; Thank you

y; I’m relieved

f; I have one more question for Yoshida-san, this one we just seen where we fight with Lightning

f; When can we play this?

y; Kitase-san when was Lightning Returns FFXIII being released?

k; It’s November 21th, so two month from now.

y; So in order to celebrate that day, this will be released on November 14th, a week earlier

y; The story has a meaning for it, so the story where Lightning comes up in F.A.T.E. will start so we want all the players to look forward to it

k; I’m playing XIV, so I would like to experience this in-game

f; So inside FFXIV

k; I haven’t seen the event or anything yet

y; Please don’t give it a ‘no go’ after it’s released

k; calling out in-game online, doing GM call on it.

k; Don’t worry I won’t do that

f; Thank you

f; Kitase-san needs to prepare for the next stage so that’s it but can you please give a comment to the audience

k; Being able to have Final Fantasys do collaboration together is pretty new, for us developing it was really fun, so I hope players can enjoy as much as we did, and play both titles.

f; That was Kitase-san from Lightning Returns Final Fantasy, please applaud

y; I was nervous

f; Well that was collaboration with Lightning Returns

f; lets go back to our position

y; yes

f; so that one was F.A.T.E. right?

f; What are you going to do with the BGM? Is it that one?

y; Having that BGM with that XIV’s logo

f; Yeah that was amazing

y; When talking about Lightning, well we would like the players to look forward to the BGM when they join the F.A.T.E.

f; Okay lets get the 2nd day of Producer Letter Live started

f; Lets go over what we’re going to talk about today.

f; We’ll be introducing and going over these four topics

y; Yes, yesterday we had new people so we went over the numbers and going over the basics

y; and today, it should be more in-depth talk like our usual Producer Letter Live

f; alright lets go to our first topic

f; The Binding Coil of Bahamut

y; yes

f; Can you please introduce this content

y; yes, The Binding Coil of Bahamut, is a content which is playable from 2.0

y; Out of all the playable contents, this is the hardest which requires a full 8 player party.

y; Currently we have 5 turns (as of 2.0), after this we’ll continue updating and progressing through the scenario

y; Right now we have the introduction scenario out, but I believe no one have beaten all 5 turns yet.

y; Looking at the customers, I don’t think anyone heard that, so should be safe to say that.

y; After completing the 5th turn there is a major cut scene but I don’t think no has seen it yet.

y; What I can say, is for those that have seen Final Fantasy XIV opening movie

y; After Bahamut burned down the world of Eorzea and what happened to Louisoux, this end content talks about this.

f; So today, there is this Binding Coil of Bahamut which most haven’t seen yet, so we have a video

y; Yes I want to show what it’s like inside.

(Video of Binding Coil of Bahamut Playing)

f; amazing

y; Well the environment for all 5 coils are different, and you’ll see the chains you saw falling from Dalamud in different ways

y; It will explain what that large body was all about through this content.

f; The feeling seems really different

y; The story is really in-depth so want everyone to enjoy over time

f; For us we are already used to listening, but the BGM is pretty amazing as well

y; yes, arrange version of Answers. Once the battle starts the tempo changes while keeping the Answers

f; We would like everyone to challenge one day

y; Right now, this is the most difficult dungeon but as time goes we’ll have bonuses as we get new patches so everyone will be able to clear it.

y; Just play at your own pace and you’ll be able to get there so please do not worry.

f; Okay we have some questions regarding the Binding Coil of Bahamut

y; okay

f; first question, we talked earlier, but how many cleared all? So far none, right?

y; None yet, we have a reports of the first group in the world clearing the 4th turn, the group that were famous since Final Fantasy XI, The Order of the Blue Garter.

y; I believe they have three groups but one cleared it

y; For Japanese groups, we are started receiving reports for 4-5 groups beating the 4th Turn.

y; Lots are having a really hard time at the 5th turn.

f; Hearing those numbers of groups clearing, did this go over your expectation or not?

y; I was thinking it was going to take 3 weeks to clear 3rd turn, but Blue Garter go through it in 2 weeks so they were a week earlier.

y; But the timing when other groups started getting through was about 3 weeks, so it’s pretty close to my expectations

f; moving on to next question, Do you have any plans to release more turns in patch 2.1?

y; I will talk about this later but, we are going to have new Crystal Tower content releasing in 2.1.

y; Both of these are going to be updated over time, so in patch 2.1 we’ll have Crystal Tower

y; and in 2.2 we’ll have new content for Bahamut, then in 2.3 with Crystal Tower again

y; it’s going to go in that order, so it’s coming in 2.2.

f; Okay, thank you. Next question, right now the progress is reset every Tuesday

f; Can’t you make the reset timing shorter so we can help others more?

y; Let me explain the concept, right now not much haven’t tried the Binding Coil of Bahamut, but this one is really difficult, in each Turn there is a boss and every time you beat it, your progress is saved.

y; That information is saved for 7 days, so you won’t be able to go back and do same Turn over and over

y; We have no plans to change this anytime soon.

f; I see

y; Sorry

f; Thank you, okay next question, it’s similar question but, currently the person with the most progress needs to be the leader but do you have any plans to change this?

y; For this one, we are going to check players status and want to decide which players flag is most effective.

f; I see, thank you,

f; Lets go one more, you mentioned before that the difficulty will be eased over time, will this be done with new gears, or is the actually difficulty of the content going to be eased, how is this going to be done?

y; We have quest instanced battles where you fight with NPC’s, once you die couple times you get a buff, it will be something like that. So once it’s eased, players will get protection from the crystal and get a buff which should make it easier.

f; So as time passes it’s going to get easier and easier

y; yes

f; So it’s safe for the players to think that they will be able to go there one of these days?

y; yes, it will be that way. We’re saying we’re going to expand on The Binding Coil of Bahamut but not being able to progress even before that isn’t good.

y; I have said this every time but, FFXIV ARR just started and this Binding Coil of Bahamut is like a mountain in which no one have climbed before, as time goes on this mountain will have hills which makes it into more of a hiking course.

y; Once at the top you’ll have another higher mountain, so those really into challenging will lead up front of everyone, while everyone else follow up later on through the hiking course.

y; If you try to do too much ahead of everyone, you’re going to feel heart broken many times (because of the difficulty)

y; Dev team’s heart broke so many times

f; Let us conclude the Binding Coil of Bahamut and move onto contents coming patch 2.1

y; lets go

f; First one is this, Crystal Tower

y; This art is released for the first time

f; This is an amazing art

y; The one on the left, on bottom right you see the adventurers.

y; And it looks like they are about to get smashed by a enormous something

y; And the right side is like a mash up of all the bosses in Crystal Tower

y; For those that played FF3, they may notice some monsters they fought before

y; Looks like everyone is surprised from a manga

y; okay please go to next slide

f; can you please explain the content?

y; For Crystal Tower you have full party times 3, in a full party you have 8 players but it’s times 3 so it’s for 24 players

y; I mentioned earlier but this dungeon from Final Fantasy 3 is returning with the current technology and quality, and we want the players to aim for the top.

y; And of course, you’ll see some well known bosses, bosses from FF3 will be coming out.

y; This is a end content dungeon so once you hit level 50, you’ll challenge this with 24 players.

y; Well this should be much easier than Bahamut

y; This is the screenshot, let me explain while showing images

f; Okay can you explain some more?

y; This is the entrance, dang I said it

y; Inside is something like this

y We don’t have the player character placed inside so it’s hard to tell it’s size but it’s really big

y; 24 people are going to be moving inside here, and we also have this

y; Some may be thinking “is this is a tower?”

y; How many of you played Final Fantasy III to the end?

y; We have some, I believe for Crystal Tower, you had to go through Ancient’s Maze first to get inside

f; yes, yes

y; We showed Lightning earlier, but we are really working hard on Final Fantasy series so we don’t want you to think you can enter Crystal Tower easily.

y; Let me just say that

f; I see, so there is something before that

y; Yes

f; With that said, I think people have more questions

f; How will this be different from Bahamut?

y; Even in 2.1 Bahamut will be the hardest content, so this one is more casual

f; You can play it more casually

y; Yes, it also works with Duty Finder so should be fine

y; When we first made it, it was way too hard so we said that’s not good

f; okay, lets get into the questions for Crystal Tower

y; The screen will change as we go, so we would like everyone to watch the images, I will also go over the images while answering the questions

f; ok, first question, when participating with 24 players, how is the party list going to look?

f; Is it going to be where we have three of the existing party list?

y; There are lots of people playing on the PS3 and it’s taking up a lot of space, so we are planning to make a specific list for this.

y; I’ve said it’s basically full party times three so, basically you just need to worry about your own party

f; Related question, in that 24 player alliance, how will the roles playout?

y; I mentioned this yesterday but we have Tank, DPS, and Healers, this is also full party times three. It won’t change from the set up you have now.

y; You have two Tanks, four DPS, and two Healers and times that by three

f; So it’s three of that

y; yes, yes

f; Will all 24 players fight together?

y; Can you go back two slides?

y; That’s good, thanks

y; This one

y; I think you can see three stones up here

f; yes, yes

y; We have it where you fight a enormous monster with 24 players, at same time we have three path, with three stones, and three parties, you know the rest.

y; why did you sync with me there?

f; I had to for this one

y; I see.

y; When we first made this, it was really horrible

y; There was stuff like, all three parties have to do it at the same timing, or dodge in order

y; It was impossible

y; You’ll all go in together, and die together and retry from there

f; so don’t have to be all worried

f; okay moving onto next question

f; About how much time is required for each play?

y; We are estimating It will be about 90-120 minutes, reason why is that you may wipe couple times, require time to buff up, also take down the boss but need time to raise and wait for weakness to go away and such

y; so when thinking about all that we are aiming for 90-120 minutes

f; thank you.

f; okay next question, in patch 2.1 you will be introducing item level requirements through Duty Finder, for Crystal Tower, what level is it going to be set at?

y; It’s not that high, we’re not going to ask for the gear level from Bahamut so

y; We’ll make adjustments at the end looking at players data before releasing

y; For now we want players to get a Relic and it should be good, somewhere around beating Titan Hard mode or right before that. We are currently looking into this one.

f; So we’ll need to wait for updated information

y; yes

f; Okay next question, might be a bit early, but can you please tell us the rewards from drops and clear?

y; I didn’t bring that one, however, go look through Final Fantasy III walkthrough books, websites and check out the end-game gear, such as Fuma’s something, stuff like that will probably be obtainable.

y; This room is pretty huge, but if you look carefully there aren’t any guard rails on the side

f; It’s huge

y; There are no walls in the center throne room either

f; that is curious, you can kind of guess the rest

y; yes

f; Dunno what kind of fate it is but today we have the Titan Challenge going on

y; ah crap, that just raised a flag

f; I’m curious

y; yes, lets just leave it at that.

f; So if players want to know the gear drops they should look at FFIII sites and guidebooks?

y; yes, please look through them

f; you may find hints in there

y; Also please look at the monsters, you might see some moves in there and look forward to how those will come back to XIV with current graphics.

f; OK let’s go to next question

y; Stop writing “OchiP”

f; That was yesterday, today is fine

f; Will we have a arranged version of FFIII’s Crystal Towers BGM?

y; We had Lightning music earlier, but music is already made, for me FFIII is one of the FF system that was complete with Job system

y; For those that played the original Famicom version know that you couldn’t save and it was really hard, you could of lost 2 hours of work, that was the normal back then. So Soken Masayoshi finished up the BGM, so please look forward to it.

f; Yoshida-san, you already gave the OK for this one?

y; Yes, it’s good

f; Okay please look forward to it

f; Moving onto next content, Housing

y; We’re not going to have ‘that’ person come  from Columbia? (Referring to Mr. Housing – Wada)

f; That’s enough for today

y; Ok housing,

f; Please explain the details

y; We have been talking about housing for a while, let’s go over

y; Housing, I believe lots of people are forming Free Companies but you’ll be able to have a Headquarters for your Free Company, there are three regions to choose from, Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania.

y; You buy the land and build the house on top of it.

y; There are three sizes available, small, medium, and large

y; And as for parts we have about 380 types available at start

f; That’s a lot

y; I believe it will be where crafters show your skills

y; For battle classes you’ll be busy gathering materials for them, I believe there will be situations like that.

f; Okay

y; Lets go over the image while we..

y; Oh wait that’s wrong

f; We have a video

y; We have a video, until now we only showed Limsa Lominsa but we have others inside this time so please check it out. Alright let’s go to the video.

(Housing video playing)

f; There was a lot of things that made me curious

y; I believe in the video it was showing lots of exterior, interior parts

y; What you see in the art right now is the Limsa Lominsa, and the next slide

y; This was our first time showing but this one is Ul’dah’s artwork

y; As you have seen, we have it working on the demo and it turned out something like this.

f; It was in the video but the exteriors was changing a lot, that’s what you mean about different parts?

y; Yes, S, M, and L size each has 5 base patterns. There are different walls, windows, doors, roof, roof material, chimney, put on weather vane or not, put up a fence or not, what kind of fence, and for all of them you can change the color, I think I’m missing something

f; So that’s for exterior, next we saw the interior

y; Yes the interior, you can put a lot inside

y; There are FF like furnitures to standard furnitures, everything has been designed to match Eorzea. The art team has designed every piece so please look forward to it.

y; Fighting isn’t the only thing to do in Final Fantasy XIV, this is one of the strong living (everyday life) content, so please look forward to it.

f; No matter how many times I see it, the molbol chandelier is amazing

y; That, art team calls it the molbol set

f; There was even a bookshelf

y; I placed that in there, in fact I tried one room with just Molbol items but it felt like it really smells

y; felt like the room was going to turn yellow

y; looked like it was going to turn into Aurum Vale

y; You’re going to live there right?

f; Yes, I want a small house full of all of that

y; Really? I see

y; Well you can play like that

f; In the end of the video you saw demo of the Ul’dah’s housing area.

y; The art is Gridania, on the video demo it was Ul’dah’s housing area.

y; I saw in the niconico comment earlier but people are saying “it’s better than what they expected”

y; I think lots of people were leaning towards Limsa for housing area, but that’s not the case

y; we are really working hard into this

f; Can you choose where you want to live freely?

y; Yes players can decide on that themselves

y; It doesn’t relate to Grand Company so you can buy land where you like and build the house.

f; I see, thank you

f; Ok lets get to the questions while looking at the artworks

y; ok

f; I’m sure you can guess what we’re going to ask you

y; I’m not going to say the price, I am not going to say the price

f; okay here’s the questions, how much does the land and housing cost start from?

f; Please let us know the price for all S, M, and L.

y; I see, alright, then let’s start with S size, undecided

f; I see

y; Next M size, undecided

f; I see

y; Next L size, undecided

y; I’m sorry, right now I believe a lot of people are having problem with gil right now.

y; First let us fix it so players can obtain some more gil first, if I say the name right now people are going to look into their wallets and say “I only got this much right now and the price is that much!?”

y; So I want to look at the players data and decide on the price, so I apologize in advance but we’re going to wait this one till the last minute, please wait for it.

y; We’re making sure it’s going to be well balanced so you don’t get shocked when hearing the price, so please just trust us and wait.

f; So for price of housing will be adjusted till right before 2.1

y; Every individual medias always ask me this first, “did you decide on the housing price?”

f; Please wait for it

y; Yes please wait for it

f; Ok moving on, you mentioned you’re going to implement from Free Companies headquarters first, when are you planning for personal housing?

y; After receiving players feedbacks and checking servers opening status, we want to open this up as soon as possible.

y; Free Companies one is shared so, it’s hard to have your own space with your own taste.

y; Say when I opened up my Free Companies door and seeing everything Molbol

f; Welcome back Yoshida-san

y; I’ll be like who’s housing is this!? Can I move to another house?

y; Don’t want that to happen, so I want to look into this early.

f; okay related question, what kind of things can you do in your own personal housing?

f; for example is it only where you can craft furnitures and place them inside, or can you have a garden to grow stuff, or release minions inside?

y; Even if it’s personal or Free Companies headquarters, with this housing content alone, we’ll be having updates

y; Like you just mentioned, we’ll have a farm where you can grow Gysahl Greens, also you can build Chocobo’s breeding house and grow a Chocobo from egg

y; We want players to play for long so we have plans for these

y; Also I get asked this one a lot but we are planning something for crafters called Basement Workshop, you can make your free companies workshop in the basement and build a ships and airships with several crafters working together.

y; We’ll be expanding on the housing in order so please look forward to that as well.

f; Thank you, okay moving onto next question.

f; For the furnitures you can place inside the house, can anyone in the free company place them?

y; That all depends on the Free Companies leader and the permissions he gives to the members, if he/she only gives the permission to three people, then only those three can do it, however if he/she allows everyone to be able to move they can do that as well.

f; I see, so it’s up to how the leader sets it up.

y; Yes. Right now we’re showing lots of FF related stuff.

y; We have objects such as this one, you’ll be able to make these and place them.

f; Thank you, lets do one more question

f; For Free Company housing, do you have plans for payment other than Gil?

y; We’ll be going with Gil for a while. From there on we’ll be looking at how the economy is first,

y; at start we’ll be going with Gil, I can’t say if we are going to do it or not yet.

y; We’ll decide on that after looking at the situation.

y; I also received questions such as can we set up a loan?

y; It’s possible for people short paying, skipping payment, so we’ll need to look into this carefully.

f; I see, thank you

f; Ok next question,

f; Can we use the market, retainers, or NPC shops inside your housing, or in that housing area?

y; As for the NPC shops you can hire them and have them stand inside the headquarters

y; For housing specific retainer, you’ll be able to place a retainer specific stand, so you can have your Free Companies retainer there and sell items.

y; So please think of the housing area itself becoming a large market area.

f; I see, thank you

f; okay, I think it’s okay to go with one more question.

f; You mentioned you can make the furnitures with crafter, can all crafting classes participate?

y; I think for Culinarians, they’re going to end up making food for the tables.

f; I see

y; It’s not like we’re going to have a house built from bread

y; However, I believe that’s part of role playing, so you can have everyone from the Free Company

y; sit in a round table and eat a meal together. You can have use events like that so it will involve all the crafters and gathers who gathers the materials, and on top of that where battle class bring back home rare item drops.

y; I believe it will become a fun content for all.

f; That’s it for the questions, however we still got few more slides so can you go through them?

y; It’s really detailed, this one is a doll, I’m sure you can guess that weavers are going to make this one.

f; ok next,

y; These are standard furnitures, book shelves but we want everyone to notice the details put into it, our art team is working hard and being very detailed.

f; It’s detailed

y; yes

f; Do we have more?

y; The lighting changes with the light so those are carefully detailed, even for the monster type furniture

y; Bird drinking water, the art shows where the gears are at to make it bend.

f; Looks like it can cover a lot of people

y; Yes, you can have a chair for single person or chair where people can sit together

f; We had some more

y; This is the L shaped sofa

y; This is good

f; Makes you want a big house

y; Right now we don’t have a sleep motion, so the other day the motion team asked me if you wanted to do this soon?

y; It makes it possible to come up with some dangerous images, so I’m telling them it has to be safe and not cross that line.

y; Listen up everyone, don’t do anything bad.

f; I think for today, this shocked everyone the most.

f; okay moving onto next

y; These are standard furnitures, but we’re really working into the details, such as the plates.

y; I think there are lots of MMOs out there with housing but we’re really working in small details.

f; This one is another great one

(Looking at Behemoth wall mount)

y; This one huh, it’s like “Go take it down to get the materials”

f; It’s going to be hard for the materials.

y; This one is nice

f; It lights up, it lights up.

y; It lights up!? Really?  I wasn’t told that.

f; It’s out

y; Here it is

f; Thank you, dunno why I’m thanking but…

y; This one is ugly

f; It was in the video earlier but it’s already made

y; Yes it’s made

y; It will glow green lighting up everyone

f; I know everyone wants this

y; no no no

f; We would like show you all more later on, but for today that is it.

f; Moving onto the next topic, which is Wolves’ Den

y; It says Den for the Wolves

y; Let me explain, Wolves’ Den will be the first time for Final Fantasy series, it is a player versus player content.

y; Reason why it’s named Wolves’ Den is because we want those with fangs (outlaw style players) to fight inside here.

y; For those that want to enjoy the beautiful world of Eorzea or storyline, this is a place where you don’t want to walk into. It’s a manly content.

f; Can’t move to next slide

y; It’s a arena where players fight against each other

y; At first we’re starting with four-on-four battle

y; There will be three tiers 30, 40, and 50. Some may wonder why we have 30 and not just 50 alone. By restricting the level, you’re limited to the amount of skills available, it’s pretty fun to come up with a skill set up with limit amount available.

y; So that’s fun and reason why we have it set to 30, 40, and 50.

y; And people may ask what benefit is there to do PvP in the first place?

y; First off for those that love fighting games, they challenge their skills, and also you experience a unique battle, so that’s where the fun is. For those that love fighting games, I’m sure you understand.

y; This time we also have PvP specific gear, and individual PvP specific skills which can be used  inside this Wolves’ Den

y; So by gaining points from winning inside this Wolves’ Den, you’ll be able to get these stuff.

f; So you can really get into playing

y; Just like housing, housing was a content where you don’t have to worry much about battle

y; This one may become the ultimate battle contents

f; okay,

y; Going over what kind of place Wolves’ Den is, we had this released for Legacy players during the open beta, but we want you to check out what kind of place this is.

(Wolves’ Den video playing)

y; As you have just seen the center area that looks like a coliseum is the field where the players fight against each other.

y; I believe this was also shown in Limsa Lominsa’s opening, it’s around the part where Yashtora turns around

y; The three Grand Companies built this arena as a place where the adventurers can strengthen their skills.

f; Okay lets get into Wolves’ Den related questions while going through the images

y; The things you’re going to see here are the gears you can get from points earned inside this Wolves’ Den. They are PvP specific gear. Please check them out.

f; okay, first question

f; I believe the skill level of players would be different if it was where you had a group matched through Duty Finder fight against a pre-set up group from Free companies and such. How are you going to handle this?

y; What we currently have set is, if you’re matched randomly, you will only be fighting another group that is matched randomly.

y; If it’s a group that’s already set up and have strategies planned out, you’ll be fighting a similar group with same set up.

y; For those wanting to go full out, please do so with a similar group.

y; And for those that want to just randomly match and have fun, you can do that with those similar people.

y; You’ll most likely not have a situation where a randomly matched group sees a group all wearing similar colored gear and with crests charging into you, so please don’t worry.

f; Okay thank you, next question.

f; Earlier you mentioned specific skills, but what kind of skills are there?

y; For example, right now players that play black mage or thaumaturge most likely cast sleep on mobs, you can cast sleep on another player. If the player is slept for a long time, they can’t do anything.

y; You’ll have a situation where you’re slept and can’t do anything, while your WHM next you is getting killed right in front of your eyes.

y; These skills can remove the debuffs on your with one click, skill which can remove all the negative buffs, or lowering the actual sleep time. These will be passive action (traits), you just need to have them to take effect.

y; We’ll be starting with lots of them and we’ll increase more skills later, we are planning a larger player versus player content called Front Line. So we’ll be increasing the amount of actions.

y; We have plans for some which are job specific also.

y; Thank you, next question

f; Do you have plans to release a one-on-one pvp system where people can fight against each other when they want?

y; We get this question from players overseas, they want to do a duel to see how much damage output they can do. We have those request, but as this being a Final Fantasy series, there are lots out there that want to keep the world clean and enjoy the story.

y; So I don’t want to make it where people can see players fighting each other in the open.

y; People will get surprised and worry if they are going to get killed out of nowhere.

y; So instead of that, like what we showed earlier, make it where you can fight with your friends inside the housing.

y; Honestly, one-on-one isn’t much fun as a content. If you have PLD vs BLM, if the BLM can sleep the PLD that’s it on the other hand if the PLD gets near BLM, that’s it for the BLM.

y; So instead of that, it’s more like something you do with each other as a test, we’re talking about wanting to do something like that.

f; I see, thank you

f; Well our time is nearing the end

f; I think we showed all the artworks as well.

y; Did all the artworks also, I see

y; Wolves’ Den was short

f; Yes, lets get into the end, so lets move up to the middle

y; People are like “that’s it!?”

y; But please understand, TGS is really hot

f; It is

f; The event was about an hour long

f; We went over a little yesterday and I am sure everyone is curious, but when is the 2.1 patch coming?

y; We’ll make sure to get it released within this year

y; We’ll be releasing a lot, so a lot of you may be surprised.

y; Patch is really big, housing is just crazy, please be careful on the amount of disk space you have

f; Yes, please let us want you all about that one

f; So yesterday and today we did this as a special edition of  the Producer Letter Live but we would like to continue doing our regular Producer Letter Lives as well

y; Yes, we inconvenienced a lot of players with the login restrictions but after expansion it’s being stable now and we resumed our sales.

y; We’re planning to further expand in October, so we’ll be going over the usual Producer Letter Live, this next one is going to be our 9th one

f; Yes 9th one

y; Up until 2.1 we want to do one every month.

f; We’ll do it every month

y; So when’s the next one?

f; We would like to do one around mid-October

y; You said it

f; Let’s do it

y; Ok we’re going to plan to do one around mid-October

y; I believe todays one is bit lacking compared to usual letter lives

y; We normally do 2-2.5hrs, so for the 9th one we want to do something like Housing only

y; We’ll be showing and answering Housing related stuff, and of course we’ll answer other questions as well.

y; Then the one after to do a special on Crystal Tower, or Wolves Den which includes scenes showing people fighting.

y; Then we announced the plans for the PS4 version for February 22nd, 2014

y; So we would like to  go over those information through the producer letter live.

f; We’ll follow up on those, so please check out the forum and the official website.

f; Okay can you please give a closing statement.

y; Thanks to everyones support, we are able to launch Final Fantasy XIV A Real Reborn

y; We want to continue to keep this Final Fantasy where we work together with everyone.

y; Thank you for today

f; With that said I want to conclude the event

f; Wait I forgot one thing

y; Now?

f; It’s all my fault

y; I just remembered now too.

f; We had the Kujitender Reborn event

f; I completely forgot to go over the current status of the event.

y; I just finished thanking everyone

f; Yes and you finished it nicely, I’m sorry

f; It’s currently like this

y; We had them rush and get these stickers made

f; Yep we made it

f; We just received a report for another winning world

f; Congratulations to everyone on Hyperion

f; Tiamat

y; Not yet

f; We got two worlds remaining

y; Two worlds

f; It should be completed

y; I think it will

y; As long as you don’t fall off

f; You’re going to bring that one up?

y; I really want to tell the game ojisan, I am playing on gamepad

y; Why would I say I normally play on mouse/keyboard

y; I didn’t make such excuses

f; You didn’t

y; Just saying that, is going to make him say that just another excuse

f; Yep

f; We have lots of experience players here today, but not sure what it is

f; It could be this stage, but lots of people are falling off

y; The main enemy is being tense

f; I believe there are lots as a team they won, but personally they are feeling like “dang”

y; Well it’s party play, so as long as you win with the parties effort it’s good

f; As long as you win, it doesn’t matter

f; Thanks for the board

y; How are you going to close the event now?

f; Well with that said, we would like to conclude the Producer Letter Live in Makuhari

y; Yes

f; Next time, we’ll see you at the normal Producer Letter Live or inside the world of Eorzea

f; Thank you

y; Thank you



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