TGS Live Letter 1 English Translation


The first LIVE letter from the Tokyo Game Show has concluded! We’ll be here tomorrow to do another live translation so make sure to check back!

You can see the video and the translations after the jump!

EDIT: Went over the video and fixed up the translation. Part 2 of the video is still being worked on. Thanks.

* Note – Live translation is much much much harder than regular translation so I apologize in advance if I miss stuff ><

f= Foxclon

y= Yoshida

# 2013-09-20 Producer Letter Live Translation @ TGS 2013 – Part 1 of 2

* Note – Live translation is much much much harder than regular translation so I apologize in advance if I miss stuff ><


#xiv video playing

f; hello everyone

f; wow we got lots of people, thanks you all for coming and also for those watching from online, thanks for tuning in.

f; From here on we’re going to be holding a Producer Letter Live in Makuhari, Final Fantasy XIV’s stage today and tomorrow.

f; I am Final Fantasy XIV community team, Square-Enix Murouchi

f; Normally for Final Fantasy XIV we have a internet broadcast called Producer Letter Live

f; and today as a special edition, we’re broadcasting from Makuhari.

f; Alright since it’s Producer Letter Live, I would like to call this person up

f; Final Fantasy XIV ARR Producer/Director Yoshida Naoki, please come out

y; Hello, Hi everyone

y; Says Yoshidaaa (on screen)

f; Thanks for coming

y; Final Fantasy XIV ARR Produce/Director Yoshida Naoki here, thanks for having me

f; Thank you

y; Today, you didn’t mess up yet

f; I just did just now

y; Thank you for waiting a long time, we were finally be able release Final Fantasy XIV ARR on August 27th

y; I also mentioned this during the collaboration event, due to the high popularity of the game

y; we ended up without enough servers, we placed restrictions for that reason

y; but that is now cleared up and we have resumed sales.

y; I apologize again for the trouble this has caused.

y; And because we had the character login restrictions and server restrictions

y; I believe there were people that made characters on worlds they didn’t want to make

y; and also not being able to play on same server as their friends.

y; For those people, can we get the power point up?

y; We are currently working on world transfer service

y; With this service you will be able to transfer your character from your current existing world to another world.

y; Right now we are aiming for early October.

y; We need to handle your account with care so we’re checking and currently going through debug process, so please give us just a little more time.

y; we’ll update you all through The Lodestone, so please wait for the update.

f; Thank you

f; Alright I would like to start the producer letter live, but before that we have an announcement from Square Enix.

f; Recently we have lots of phishing mail going on

y; You surprised me, I thought you said fishing game

f; phishing mail, we have a lot of them going on right now

y; I see

y; Some may not understand what phishing mail or fraud means, but basically these people are faking as Square Enix to your email

y; For these guys doing bad it’s not that hard to obtain the e-mail address

y; They act as if they were Square Enix and they tell you something for example, put in your square-enix ID and pass here and we’ll get your characters to lv50 instantly

y; or give you these great gears. We have been getting a lot of these right now.

y; Your account and password is very important to us, so we wouldn’t do anything like that.

y; So if you see any mails like this one, please do not open and just trash them.

y; If you get lured in, that’s when it’s called phishing. Square-Enix has Dragon Quest X

y; Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XIV and so I believe you would be using your Square-Enix ID a lot

y; we have something called security token, software token so we recommend for you to use that and want you to protect your accounts.

f; We have information regarding phishing e-mail and security token, software token up on our website so please check it out

f; Please don’t take this matter lightly as it’s not concering you

f; We still have something

y; We have more?

f; Yes, since it’s TGS, I would like to go over what’s going on at TGS

y; I see okay

f; Some people coming for XIV might be missing, we had something called an Anniversary Event

f; as a collaboration with Final Fantasy XI and Dragon Quest X

y; Yes

y; This one is collaboration with Dragon Quest X

(Image of DQX Golems fighting with XIV players)

y; We want everyone to check out how we put in the golems intro the XIV world.

y; and next one, this one is nice, you’ll be able to get a minion where you can walk around with.

y; We still have some more rewards prepared, so please look forward to it

y; We also have something with XI, here it is

y; When we talk about XI, it’s Shantotto, she’s going to go crazy and laugh

y; And of course, when it becomes a doll, it’s cute

y; We are aiming these for end of the year, so please look forward to it.

f; Going on, we have a booth up for FFXIV, this one is called Titan Challenge, can you please explain a bit about this one?

y; Under the scenario in FFXIV we call the summons as primals, normally you fight them with 4 players in the story but this time you’ll be fighting with 8 players.

y; If you win, you’ll get this t-shirt Molbol is wearing now, T-shirt which says “I beat Titan”

y; This event is going on over there.

y; At the same time, we had this same event in the US and Europe, so on top of that as a end of event

y; We have Kujitenda (Sabotender Lottery), we wanted people who couldn’t attend to help cheer on the players

y; Can you stop saying “It’s the scene where Yoshi dropped”

y; Yesterday I participated, since test play this was the first time I fell off in front of large audience

f; he’s joking about it now, but he was really disappointed

y; that was bad.

f; For winning team, we’ll have them draw a lottery ticket, on there it has a world name

f; For that said world, every character/player will be getting this Sabotender Earring, that was the plan

y; However, when we were planning to say the 2nd day going to be where it’s almost complete, but…

y; all the worlds got selected already yesterday.

y; People in the gaming industry played full on

f; They did too much

y; Yes they did too much, and we have people here today planning to win for their worlds

y; It’s not right to have nothing for them, so we have something else

y; Can you please bring the board.

y; I just decided to bring out one more item without deciding with the development team

y; We’re calling this “Kujitenda Reborn”

y; Right now these worlds listed here will get a Bomb Earring

y ;This one here (shows slide)

y; I see, we just got

f; This is going to get some excited

f; Congratulations to everyone on Ridill

y; Ridill’s here

y; It says Sabotender Board, but has nothing to do with Sabotender now

y; Please try hard to complete all worlds for this one.

y; Thank you

f; We have things like that going on

f; so I want to say please participate, but sadly the distribution of participation ticket was already distributed out

y; really?

f; It didn’t even last one hour

y; well… we got the event out this time, I would like to plan other events where we can enjoy the game together with everyone

y; We want to go around different regions, so please look forward to it.

f; That concludes the announcement corner, lets move into our regular position.

y; I’m a bit nervous

f; The feeling of pressure feels different

f; So what we’re going to do today is

y; Oh yeah, today we have this broadcasted on twitch, youtube, and nico nama

f; This time it’s up on nico nama and Square Enix TV

y; Yes, so for all those watching online, thank you

f; Alright, we have 2 days this time, today we’re going to go over

y; Eorzean Census

f; What is this?

y; Eorzea is part of a region, this goes over what is currently going on in Eorzea such as

y; what is the difference between races between players, or distribution of player levels.

y; Since it’s the first day, there are people that are new to FFXIV, so while we go over the basics of FFXIV ARR we want to go over the current situation with numbers

y; and tomorrow to go over some more deep stuff.

f; Today’s stuff is pretty deep too

y; yes

f; Alright lets get into this

y; lets go

f; first page is this

y; First off, the maximum concurrent connections is 344,000.

y; Daily Unique Logins amount, shows how many players are logged in once in that day, that one time is only counted.

y; This number haven’t change much over couple days, we have about 617,000 players logging in every day.

y; Like for me I’m really busy right now and I can only login once every 3 days for about an hour

y; I finally just beat the story Ifrit at the Makuhari Hotel

f; You did it? Congratulations

y; thank you

y; Well even for people like me, we only login once every three days but even with that number, it’s about 617,000 players playing daily.

y; And the Total Unique Loging number, this is the amount of players that played since Early Access.

y; We currently have 1,080,000 that played XIV.

y; Also I believe the number of accounts is probably going to go around 1,300,000 today

y; So I would like everyone to play

f; Thank you, okay moving onto the actual Character Data

f; Gender Distribution

y; As a data, this surprised me the most

y; In Final Fantasy XIV you are able to create your own character, you can create the looks, gender, name, you can do that all on your own

y; but for Japan, I was thinking for characters, male players will be playing their characters for a long time, so I thought they wouldn’t want to look at guys butt

f; you said it

y; yes, I thought it was going to have more female characters

y; it was split in half, and on top of that it was bit more for males

y; for NA there were more males

y; For data this surprised me the most

f; Next getting into Race Distribution

f; It’s something like this

y; I was pretty surprised with this one as well

f; it was surprising

y; XIV was being called Miqo’te Online for a long time

y; Miqo’te’s are cat looking race with ears like a cat

y; We were being told that there are a lot more Miqo’tes, lets not get into Roegadyn yet

f; Not yet

y; We were pushing to get more Hyur’s out and this time we have 33% which was equal amount

y; And what’s interesting here is NA/EU is almost exact same as Japan, that was surprising

y; I think people were thinking there were going to have lots of Lalafells but actually it’s 19%, 14%

y; And Roegadyn is 6%, 7%

y; What are you using?

f; Roegadyn

y; My old character’s name got leaked out so I started playing with a new name people don’t know

y; when I play with Roegadyn through Duty Finder, I feel safe

f; why is that?

y; because they are big, they look strong.

f; that’s if they are tank

y; yeah, well even for healing, feel like they are going to support us with their big arms

y; I believe for those playing as Roegadyn have high pride

y; Earlier I talked with one of the players but in previous XIV they were playing as different race in previous XIV but in ARR they started playing as Female Roegadyn and felt that since they are unique they won.

f; I see, so for those that want to stand out, you can still do that, let’s start with Roegadyn

y; you can use Fantasia potion

f; Yoshida-san, You’re Lalafell right?

y; Yes, I am Lalafell.

y; I was thinking there was going to be more Lalafells for NA

y; Like many say Lalafells are cute

f; Breaking down that data a bit more

f; There are two clan in each race, so this order is from the highest

y; We have Hyur, Midlander in first place

y; And what were you?

f; Hellsguard Roegadyn

y; This one? You’re 3%

y; You’re a rare race near extinction

f; You’re mean, which one are you?

y; I’m Dunesfolk, so right around the middle.

f; So it’s something like that now, so for those people creating a new character

y; Yes so please look at how you’ll stand out

f; Okay moving onto the next slide

y; This one is called Level Distribution, and explaining how the numbers were collected

f; You should explain it a bit

y; Yes, for those that are playing from previous XIV, they play on a world called Legacy Worlds

y; The data that shows everything which includes these Legacy Worlds are the top graph

y; And for those that just started from ARR, it’s the bottom graph.

y; Also in FFXIV you have a system called Armoury System where you can play any jobs with one character, for example you can play as Gladiator, Paladin, Black Mage, you can play different classes

y; On top of that we have crafting/gathering classes where you make or gather items as your daily task

y; So this graph shows the sum of all the classes put together.

y; What I want to say here is that most, overall players, specially for the new players around level 30, are playing different jobs and enjoying the game.

y; I really want to point that out, and want to make sure people don’t have to worry.

y; When you look at Twitter or Forums, or 2ch, it looks like there are lots of level 50’s talking

y; so you may feel that you’re not going to reach them

y; I’m still 22, I’m still far off

f; You don’t have to express that

y; Sorry. There is no problem so if your friends invite you, just come play at your own pace without much worry.

f; Looking into the levels some more, when you check the average level it’s something like this

y; Even with legacy worlds it’s still 19

y; Also we don’t have Lv1-15 counted in this data, reason why is that, as I mentioned earlier

y; in Final Fantasy XIV you have Amoury System where you can change jobs, and as you get a new class/job you get a Gearset, so there are lots of players out there that goes around guilds to get all the gearsets first.

y; When that happens, the number of Lv1-5 is going to be really high

y; So even with those levels removed we have this number data

f; Okay moving onto next, when limiting to battle class average

y; Right now it’s something like this, it went up a little

f; yes

y; this data is from around 9/11

f; yes

y; it’s still recent

f; Okay next, this is average level between classes

y; The icon in the middle shows the class, this graph shows how much of the levels are in each class

f; Gladiators high levels are increasing a bit

y; We’ve been saying we’re short on Tanks, we’re short on Tanks, so I think that helped people to play as Tanks

f; Next is crafters average levels

y; These are classes that make things, average data for crafting classes is about 18

y; for new worlds alone is 13

y; This is something that’s played over time

f; And when you look the average by individual crafting classes

f; we don’t have much difference between classes

y; Culinarian is little bit low, but overall average is about 11-30 is where it’s at right now.

f; I believe there are lots out there wanting to finish battle first then getting into craft later

y; yes.

f; And we have gatherers left

y; yes, for gatherers the average with legacy is 17, without is about 14. Still got ways to go for this one.

f; And looking at the breakdown for this also, it’s like this

f; looks like there are lots are still waiting for fishing

y; Fishing can be done anytime, anywhere so, I believe they just got the Fisher class and planning to fish when they have time, I think that’s how it is.

f; I see, moving onto next.

y; We have a matching system called Duty Finder where players can play at ease

y; Let me explain what the numbers on this data shows, as I said earlier you can switch to any class using the armoury system but this is a snapshot from 9/11 at a specific time showing what roles players were playing at that time.

y; As for roles, Tanks are Warrior, Paladin, Gladiators, players that are up front tanking for the party, DPS are damage dealers such as Monks and Dragoons, and Healers are White Mages and Scholars where they heal the party members. In FFXIV we call these roles.

f; And the “Other’ showing on this data are those playing Crafters/Gathers

y; Yes, when we took this data, this is the number of players playing Crafter/Gatherers which was 7%

y; When looking at low levels, we’re short on healers.

y; For those starting new, you’ll get popular so please play as healers

y; Even with higher levels it looks like we’re little short on Healers, but as for DPS it didn’t change too much.

f; Looking into more indepth data

f; This shows the breakdown for DPS

y; For low levels there isn’t the job system so the left side shows the class system.

y; It’s nicely split

f; yes nicely split up

y; and the right side shows post level 30 where you can see the jobs

f; This one is split up nicely also

y; When talking about Final Fantasy we got lots of Dragoons, not sure if they want to Jump a lot

y; Dragoons cover 24% of the DPS

y; For Duty Finder the ideal number is 50% DPS, 25% Tank, 25% Healer so it’s almost there.

f; Next breakdown is for Tanks

y; Yes, as I mentioned earlier, Tanks are people that defends the party such as Warrior, Paladin, Gladiator and Marauders.

y; Marauders and Warriors, we want some more

y; Earlier today, I was told by a player that Warriors are weaker than Paladins

y; They are harder to play

f; It’s more technical

y; You need to bring in a lot of the the additional (skills?) to get it fully out

y; But really, in development team, warrior are really strong, and it’s more stable

y; So right now it looks like Paladins can hold the enmity and tank, however

y; honestly Warriors are really strong.

y; Players haven’t researched enough so I would like players who are up for a challenge to stand up and play.

y; We the development team really recommend Warriors

f; Okay and lastly, Healers

f; Yes, at low levels we only have Conjurers

y; Yes Conjurers, and as you go higher levels we have more White Mages

y; Scholars needs to use Fairy, pet so until you get used to using the job it may be hard

y; But if you get together with a skilled Scholar and a White mage in a party it give the best healing benefits, so same for this one

y; We would like those that are skilled to try them out and spread it’s usage to the rest

y; There are still lots of things to be researched by the players, so please do so.

f; And we wanted to get more Healers so we had a bonus like this one.

y; Conjurer class was able to get the Unicorn mount

y; You’re able to get on different types of mounts, but Unicorn was only available for Conjurer class

y; If we’re short on healers, we probably have to give more service to the players

y; people call it uni-con, it was a mistake on Twitter, but it’s actually Unicorn

f; And this is the last data but here it is

f; Grand Company Distribution

y; In FFXIV there are three Grand Company Allegiance which are Immortal Flames, Twin Adder, and Maelstrom where you enlist and gain ranks

y; This data shows the player distribution in each allegiance

y; It’s coming out nicely

f; Maelstrom is little bit low

y; Yes, Maelstrom is little bit low, so we would like some more, to make this balanced out we are planning a bonus

y; You turn in company seals to gain ranks but we should have a ranking system up on the Lodestone soon, so please use that as a way for motivation.

f; Yoshida-san, which one are you?

y; You’re going to ask me that? I just beat Ifrit and burned out, so I haven’t been invited yet

f; I completely forgot about that

y; None of the Grand Companies came to me yet, I’m not known to the people of Eorzea yet

y; that’s mean, people on Niconico calling me non-enlisted, I’ll start being famous soon.

f; Yes. And that’s it for  the number data for Eorzea.

y; We would like to do this in future live letters periodically.

f; Since it’s special edition, the time for closing is near

f; When talking about Producer Letter Live we have

y; we have

f; we have it where you leak information

y; If we end it here, during E3 on the first one, when we did that one people said it was pointless, and wasn’t even needed

(I’m also at fault for saying what I said at the end of my translation… orz)

f; Therefore, lets talk about what’s going to be talked tomorrow and summary of patch 2.1

y; Okay, Final Fantasy XIV is an online game, we have updates like other games, but we call these patches.

y; Final Fantasy XIV ARR is known as 2.0 at the timing of start. So the next update is known as patch 2.1.

y; We are planning to release this big patch within this year.

y; First I want to talk about the digest of this

f; You said within this year

y; Yes

y; First we got Good King Moggle Mog XII battle, where you fight against Moogles

y; This will be introduced, this is Hard mode so you’ll be challenging at level 50

y; They aren’t primals, so we’ll get into the story of why the King was summoned in Eorzea, please look forward and follow the storyline

f; next

y; Extreme Primal Battles, currently we have primal battles with Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, but you’ll get to fight them at the Extreme mode

y; I think it’s fun

f; Yes

y; On top of that, we have one all-new dungeon, along with that in XIV ARR we will be adding two hard mode for existing dungeons.

y; Just think of it was more places to go once you hit 50

y; The dungeons will have new gimmicks and boss, so think of it as 3 new dungeons being added.

y; This is the new dungeon that’s being developed, Pharos Sirius

y; For those that played the scenario I believe you went to the island but couldn’t get inside while thinking there must be something there.

y; You’ll be able to get inside with everyone.

y; Sorry for the wait

f; Crystal Tower

y; For Final Fantasy fans you may know this one, but this is the last dungeon from Final Fantasy III

y; This will be coming to FFXIV with the current quality. You will be challenging this with 24 players

y; Don’t worry, the difficulty isn’t set to where if one dies everyone is going to wipe so please don’t worry.

y; For that reason we delayed the release

y; If one is going to die, you all die together, it’s fun

y; people on niconico don’t say it’s gisugisu (gisugisu is just sound, but means something like where everyone has to do it perfectly, hard, limited to that group, etc…etc…)  online

y; On top of that we have Housing, this was the one our Wada has been talking about for a while

y; We finally got this one, housing area for Ul’dah, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa will be opening

y; We’ll get into the details for this one tomorrow, we got lots of parts, 380 parts ready at start. So we’ll get into this with the latest video

y; Wolve’s Den – This will be the first for Final Fantasy series but it’s a player versus player, where players fight against each other for their pride. It’s an area for those with fangs to fight inside this den.

y; For those that don’t want to get into these kind of stuff don’t have to get into it, they are locked into this den so you won’t have to worry

y; We’ll get into details for this one tomorrow’s live.

y; For those that didn’t play Final Fantasy XIV yet, we have a lot, we have story, you can fight primals, you can have a house, you can do PvP, we have all of them so please chec kit out.

f; We still have more

y; We have more? Oh yeah, we have more for 2.1, all these are for 2.1

y; We have treasure hunt, where you find treasure on the field using treasure map. You can play this solo or with a party. It’s casual.

y; We have a hard mode for a certain boss, we cannot say the name yet

y; We’ll have a hard mode for this one, it was done really well during development but

f; it was really hard

y; it was really hard, if we put this in we said no one would be able to clear, so we decided to stop.

f; So the current boss is actually the weaker version

y; Yes, it was implemented as easy mode, so the person who was in charge of making it was really disappointed saying “I really worked hard on this one” when he heard  the difficulty was going to be lowered.

y; Next we have beastmen daily quest, we call those that summon the primals beastmen

y; right now in XIV people think of them as bad race, but they also have a complex reason.

y; this content gets into those. You can make communication with the beastmen every day and play.

y; You can basically play this solo, you don’t need a party for this one.

y; Also we’ll be introducing Random Matching feature in the Duty Finder

y; I think there are people out there thinking it’s hard to get those tomestones, from 2.1 by turning on the random matching option to join in on any random dungeon you’ll get a token as a reward.

y; So just by playing every day, you’ll be able to upgrade to a better gear.

y; With this for long term, those who want to stay up in front line, I shouldn’t say too much

y; Well just get up front while making sure to watch your health.

y; And for those that play hour or two a day, you’ll be able to get the gears over time through updates, so please look forward to it.

y; Everything said till here is in patch 2.1

f; When we list everything out it’s like this

y; Yes, there are lots, is development team going to be okay!?

f; Yoshida-san, you’re going to say that?

y; yes.

f; Aside from this we have user interface modifications

y; yes, yes, we will be making the user interface changes from the requests we received, also the item sort feature is already being worked on so we would like to release as soon as possible

y; what was listed here are all the playable features

f; We’ll be making many updates so please

y; Oh yeah, barber isn’t listed, it’s in there, there was too many I forgot it

f; Thanks for pointing that out

y; We’ll have a content where you can change your hairstyle

y; We’ll add this one in the list for tomorrow, sorry I missed that

f; Well the closing time is here, we would like to announce regarding what’s going to be talked tomorrow.

f; We’ll be going over Crystal Tower, Housing, and Wolve’s Den.

f; Also it’s not patch 2.1 related but we have Bahamut’s Labyrinth, there are lots that haven’t seen this one yet, so we’ll be showing that.

y; So tomorrow, we’ll be picking up on the biggest content and talk get into more details for players that are already playing now.

f; We’ll be picking up the questions we received in advance and answer

y; Yes, tomorrow we’ll be answering everyone’s questions like the usual Live

f; Okay can you please give the closing statement

f; First day of the Letter Live is ending

y; Yes, recently our live is getting longer and it’s 2 and 1/2 hours long so, it’s fast

f; can you please give a comment to everyone

y; Thanks to everyones support we were able to release Final Fantasy XIV ARR, we have increased the amount of servers, and in October we’ll do more. We got it till here and as you seen the numbers earlier we as Square-Enix want to keep on going without a limit, not only 1,000,000 but 2,000,000. We want to continue to keep this Final Fantasy as a FF where we build together with everyone. Please continue to support us. Thank you.

f; We would like to conclude the first day of Producer Letter Live in Makuhari, Thank you

y; Thank you.