FFXIV Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 53

Bragging Rights - Aetheryte Radio

The game is out! People are playing, questing, raiding, crafting, leveling, gathering and of course, chocobo…ing?

We want to hear what you’ve achieved in the first few weeks since the official launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! Drop a comment below with your character name, world, and a couple of your proudest accomplishments!

We’ll read some of our favorites on our next episode which will go live on our Twitch channel this Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST.

8 thoughts on “FFXIV Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 53

  1. Aust Taralom, Goblin.
    I’ve so far been working on jobs early game and started my own late night free company “Sunfire Mercenaries.” By the time this airs, I should have both SCH and SMN so that’ll put me at 4/9.

  2. Ceilio Riverwind, Hyperion
    Completed main storyline, have logged 256 hours of game time since Beta 4, (No AFK time included), Started working towards Relic currently on Titan HM, Listened to Fusionx spaz out about Breaking Bad, Received my Wind Up Dalamud, Leveled arcanist, from 1-30, Archer/Bard 30-41, Achieved 50 Alchemy. Helped some FC members through a few story fights.

    Big shout out to Eria Kassus, and Kartera Imatholia, as well as my FC AssKickersAnonymous.

  3. Vergil Renata, Excalibur
    I managed to get my SCH relic (my fifth), completed some DoH and DoL quests and got my AF tools, I’m close to getting Pan of the Luminary, found out my CE package was lost, and turned to mayonnaise when I heard Titan’s theme for the first time. :P

  4. Grane Trajeon, Hyperion
    I haven’t done much but I did play the entire time this game sucked!

  5. Beat Titan HM. Became the best Dragoon on Malboro. Made great friends and some enemies. What is greatness without enemies lol Relic weapon obtain now time for Bahamut Coil. BTW my name is EXO GOD / Malboro

  6. Hey Yumi Hibiki From Masamune here ^~^
    A lot has happend since the game launched, i got my Summoner to 50, its my new main now, i beat the main story scenario which was awesome and advanced in my summoner relic quest to the garuda hard fight ^~^, i also keep collecting every minion i can get my paws on, wind up dalamud and the veteran reward ones are my newest additions, also a friend that was at gamescom gave me a titan shirt yay~

  7. Sevokevo Royuki from Sargatanas here!

    Worked ARCH to level 21

    Tanked the last 25% of Ifrit on my DRG and finished him off with my Level 2 Limit Break with only 58 HP left before I was KO’ed.

    WHM in party was being a lazy one at the end.

    Currently just started the Gridania storyline of the Main Quest.

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