Regarding Recent Discussions About Account Information And RMT Activity

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We have recently been seeing discussions within the Final Fantasy XIV community regarding the increase of RMT activity in the game and the high number of accounts that have been compromised due to RMT groups stealing account information.

We want to take a moment to be crystal clear regarding our stance on this subject- Gamer Escape is in no way involved with any RMT groups. Gamer Escape will never ask you for your Square Enix account information. Gamer Escape will not host ads related to RMT services. Gamer Escape will not tolerate RMT activity in comments or forum posts.

In the rare event that an RMT related  ad or comment/forum post ever appears, we urge you to contact us and let us know so we can promptly remove the ad to ensure it doesn’t appear again.

We would strongly advise everyone who isn’t already, to activate a one time password on your Square Enix account in order to prevent your account from falling victim to theft.