Dev Tracker: Repairs, iLevel and Party Finder


Fresh from the official Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn forums!

Lastygalle posted on the Japanese forums that a change to repairs will be made in the upcoming server maintenance later today:

  • The NPC price of all Dark Matter, used to repair gear, will be greatly decreased. (With extra emphasis on high-level tiers of dark matter). Repair costs will also be decreased in general.

Additionally there is news of requirements being added to certain dungeons and trials, as well as talk of a new method of forming parties which will be included in patch 2.1:

  • Item level requirements will be added to high level dungeons (and trial fights). You may only sign up for those dungeons when meeting those item level requirements. Item level is calculated by the average of all items you wear (The average item level of your equipment will be displayed in your character window).
  • Party finder window added. This is a sort of BBS posting limited to your own server that lets you form parties more easily. You can set requirements for the dungeons you would like to do and which roles and character levels you want (Please wait for the complete details after the patch).

Translations posted by Catharsis on the official forums.


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  1. So is this going to be like….. I want to go in as this job….I want to party with this type of job?

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