Yoshida’s Emotional Launch Day Speech


In Japan, Square Enix held a launch event for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. At its closing, the development team took to the stage and gave their final thoughts. During his turn, Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida became very emotional, at one point turning away from the crowd as he began to cry.

This one is going to be hard to for me, first, before my message, we have been doing the Early Access the past 3 days and for those playing on NA/EU server we had to conduct several maintenances which caused loss of precious play time, and since this event is being broadcasted worldwide, let me apologize. I am really sorry, our long journey is starting from here so I am hoping we will be able to recover this over time.

and… (silence)(crying)

(audience telling YoshiP ganbare “you can do it!”)

ummm, since I took over FFXIV it’s almost 3 years now, at the beginning, I haven’t touched the game much but was thinking we should be able to do this, and personally I love Final Fantasy and MMO. When I gathered all the staff to tell them that we’re going to rebuild the entire game, this was done two days before announcing to everyone on December 1st. I still remember that day, it was a room like this and there was a mixer (sound) on top and Soken was there adjusting the mic I was going to speak in and I won’t forget how Soken was doing the guts pose (cheering him) but honestly the dev teams feeling was just as same as everyone else, they were like “can we really fix this thing up?” or “it’s going to be tough”


Thanks to everyone’s support, earlier it was in one of the questions but it’s really hard, to build a MMORPG it normally takes at least 4-5 years. We wanted to get this out as early as possible and to be able to do that, we had to plan it out without rushing. As Wada mentioned about operating a business, your role is a Tank, just like that I tried to a be a Tank and got it to where it is now.
And I’m not the one that made FFXIV ARR, it was thanks to all the players around the world, the core dev staff here, and all other hundreds staff that couldn’t make it here today, thanks to you all, we are here today. I wasn’t going to cry since today marks a day where we take our first step for Final Fantasy XIV, we only took the first step forward. I really believe that we really don’t have any time to take a break, the dev team and myself are already working on future patches for those players playing from the previous FFXIV. We had times where community members left in the middle, and I believe there were other people that has been said many things from outside, myself being a MMORPG player, I really understand how hard that is. For us it was a really short three or two and half years, but all the players, we really made you all wait and support us this long, I believe we were able to release a Final Fantasy title that doesn’t shame it’s name. From here on out, for an MMORPG there is no such thing as “complete” we will continue to keep on going with everyone. This Final Fantasy XIV is a Final Fantasy XIV which was built with everyone, so we would like to continue doing so for this Final Fantasy for 5-10 even after that we would like to continue operation without forgetting this moment here, please continue to support us, thank you.

The translation was provided by famed subligar wearer Reinhart (minor edits made by us to smooth readability)

9 thoughts on “Yoshida’s Emotional Launch Day Speech

  1. This is a really well timed reminder of how hard the dev team has worked to deliver the reboot

  2. I’m so happy for him, I really hope others enjoy the game as much as I have, and continue too. :)

  3. If I was in the audience, there might have been 2 grown men crying at that moment.

  4. Yoshida is the best thing to happen to XIV and FF series in awhile. I can see that he is passionate about this game, but on the upside it is better to have to many people wanting to play than to less. Keep it up and I’ll be playing in Eorzea for years to come!

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