Thank you, Naoki Yoshida


Naoki Yoshida and the team behind Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have accomplished the impossible. They have taken a fallen MMO, and rebuilt it in an unimaginable period of time. It has been a long journey from the point Yoshida-san took the reins of FFXIV to where we are today. We’d like to thank him, and give you the opportunity to do so as well.

Fill out the below form with your character name, world, and a message for Naoki Yoshida and the other members of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn team. We’ll give these messages to Yoshida himself at PAX this weekend.

Submit your message by Thursday, 10:00 AM PDT to make sure you’re included!

*Messages submitted are not confidential and may be made public at a later date either by us, or by Square Enix, who will be receiving these messages
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22 thoughts on “Thank you, Naoki Yoshida

  1. Thank you for Error 1017. Thank you for Error 90000. Thank you for doing nothing to fix the server issues. Thank you for still selling the game to new people when you don’t even have the capacity to provide the service to current users.

    1. This here folks, is why westerners have such a bad name. Nice display of ignorance and arrogance buddy, must be hard seeing past your own nose and understanding what happens in reality with that inflated ego of yours.

      1. Why, because i won’t simply bow my head and take the load of shit they are dumping on us? They are not doing me a favor by letting me play their game. I am a paying customer, and i have a right to complain about a product that i paid for.

        1. You’re a paying customer, this is true.. but it doesn’t mean you should be some entitled fuckwit. They have apologized over and over, they have made progress in addressing the issues as quickly as they can. MMO’s never launch smoothly, shit.. WoW was down for 2 weeks when it launched, guildwars2 people couldn’t login for 30+ hours.

      2. We have a bad name because when we pay for something we expect it to work? Please. This is 2013, the technology available for MMO’s now a days makes any excuse SE has pulled out for the server troubles going down right now a complete waste of air. Kuroyume wasn’t being rude, vulgar or disrespectful in the least, but because he doesn’t have all positive things to say, he’s automatically bashed by the fan boys. Wanting something we’ve paid for to work isn’t entitlement, it’s BUSINESS. Also, all you blind fools bringing up how WoW’s launch was disastrous too? Please close your mouth and realize that was years ago, and WoW pretty much paved the way for having so many people (the most people ever for it’s time if I remember) play it when it launched. Technology is better, MMO companies (SHOULD) be better. I’m not bashing the game, because from what everyone has said this game is amazing and Yoshi did a fantastic job..when you get to play it. We’re all upset because we’ve been given no customer support, no transparency from SE, and everyone is being sore from the obvious favouritism being shown to Japan. You’re the one being ignorant and arrogant.

  2. Wrote a message for him in Japanese! I hope he likes it. This is my first MMO, and it’s the first time in years I’ve felt that “Final Fantasy” magic. Thanks for doing this. I could care less about server issues. I know they’re working hard to get them fixed as soon as possible

  3. I won’t say Yoshida didn’t put in a lot of hard work, but the product sure leaves a lot to be desired right now.

  4. Thanks for giving us the chance to do this, you guys are a amazing. I was looking for something like this, or even sending in some fan mail for this. You guys really are amazing.

  5. Thank you very much for this feedback form. Hopefully he will take this feedback seriously. People submitting their issues with the NA/EU server situation can post respectfully, and hope it actually gets taken into consideration.

    1. I think this was more a thank you card instead of actual feedback…That is kind of what the forums are for.

  6. Kuroyume had it right. Early Access was not available for us. Launch was not available for us. We are entitled. Money in exchange for goods and/or services… we got shafted. Play it up however you like, this was a failure to launch. Squeeze another tear Yoshi, we feel it’s sincerity.

  7. I’ve about had it with the game. 4 days now, get home from work, can’t log in. What a bummer. I’ve given them that second chance, and they blew it. Goodbye FF14, hello EQ Next and Wildstar.

    1. This is exactly why I asked him to please take a look at how the operations team in America and Europe is handling the situation. As it is they are damaging the reputation of an otherwise great game and its parent company.

      While it probably wont happen, I’m still afraid that enough people will leave the game because of the operations teams choices that the game wont survive in NA and EU.

  8. Any negative comment here will surely get white knighted, just like on the real forums. You are a brave man Kuroyume.

    I definitely understand that they were under prepared for launch and I personally didn’t think it would be this popular either, but I still feel like a behemoth corporation like SE has the funds to throw at something like this and fix the problem.

    Despite all the negative wrap that it is getting since “early release”, Yoshi-P and his team still deserve recognition for turning poop into something a lot more valuable. Gold? Probably not, but definitely at least Silver.

  9. SE made the game free for a year how much money do u think they lost. as far as business goes they have more than made up for peoples lost money. Maybe people should try to log in 5 days from now. gamers should know by now that 100,000 ? other players are going to be trying to get in on day one. Plus all the 100,000+ beta testers. they made the game from almost nothing. I think people should give them a rest and let them continue to fix the problems.

  10. Honestly, I hate to see people threaten to leave the game unless they get some kind of compensation. I dare say no one tried to do that with Blizzard during it’s launch…remember that? Servers crash and don’t come up…for 4 days? Or more for some people…
    The point is, no launch is EVER 100% successful for everyone. And Yoshi-p and his team deserve some recognition for their awesome game. :D

    1. the players of FFXIV who threaten to leave are jerks. they should try the game first. maybe they want to play the game for free that’s why they are sabotaging the game.

  11. I applaud him for his work. But too bad a lot of it is overshadowed by SE’s NA (maybe also EU) division of incompetence in costumer service and technical ability. I heard that SE (for the NA divison for the most part) are censoring people’s unfavorable comments, and shutting down their accounts for being vocal, but not to the point of cursing them out. Next step is to overhaul SE’s NA HQ like what they did for FFXIV 1.0

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