Guten Morgen, Gamescom

Bayohne here with Gamescom update number… I’ve lost count.

Everyone’s over in Cologne having a blast, and enjoying the crowds of gamers anxious to play the game, and finishing the day off by eating delicious food and I’m stuck here. I mean, not “stuck here,” but I really am jealous of all that excitement!

The second day of Gamescom brings with it two new videos for you all to enjoy! First up is the second TV commercial that will be airing in Japan called “Million Visions”! After that, take a look at the “Primals Unleashed” video which we’re showing on the stage of Gamescom!

“Million Visions”

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Primals Unleashed

Be careful if you come across Odin during your adventures… as he may just have a Zantetsuken with your name on it!

And remember: We’re almost there everyone!
Bayohne (taking deep breaths constantly at this point)

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