FFXIV Bragging Rights: Open Beta

Bragging Rights - Aetheryte Radio

Open Beta has come and gone…

For some players this was an early, early access to get quests completed, classes leveled, and Aetherytes visited. While there were some restrictions in place, there was still much work to be done in preparation for the launch of A Realm Reborn in just over a week from now!

We want to hear what you accomplished over this past weekend! Drop a comment below with your character name, world, and what you were able to get done during phase 4!

We’ll pick our favorites to read during the next episode of Aetheryte Radio which is currently scheduled for Wednesday, August 21st at around 9:00 PM EST.

30 thoughts on “FFXIV Bragging Rights: Open Beta

  1. Jerynh Dawn, Hyperion

    I was able to finish about something like 50 quests, got the airship pass, got a good chunk of exploration achievements, and most importantly, was able to get my buddies new character on the server with us!

    And also repaired my cracked material gear instead of selling it for tomestones. Stupid stupid stupid.

    1. General Beatrix – Pheonix

      On the last day a buddy and I rolled new character’s and just started exploring; we both were about 100 tnl till lvl 4only from exploring. We mapped out Mor Dhona, stood next to the entrance of the crystal tower and Sprinted through the Garlean base in there.

  2. Adelpha Sarantas – Balmung

    Got Arcanist to 20, Botanist to 20, Fishing to 15 or so. Put together a full Acolyte’s set, minus one piece. Got my hands on a few minions like the Model Vanguard and the Coblyn. Felt bad for my friends who were locked out of the game. :(

  3. Kurane’sae Dremr // Balmung

    Not nearly as much as I wanted while battling the evil 3102. I did manage 20 LNC, 17 PUG, and running some friends through a few dungeons before taking refuge on Gungnir server commiserating with fellow NA/EU server refugees. Taming atomic squirrels while battling pirates over oranges. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

  4. Yumi Hibiki here from the Masamune server
    I had a lot of fun this weekend!

    I was able to get my Arcanist to 20 and finish all quests available on the main storyline, i also did some of the lange scale FATES for achievements (its not lupus and lazy for you) and collected 8 minions ^~^ also got my sweet legacy chocobo

    Farming the Magitek Vanguards for specific items to build the Model Vanguard Minion sure felt like a welcome blast from the past as well.

  5. Therran Artorious – Hyperion

    Unfortunately I succumbed to the 3102 quest early on and never recovered. However as a result of failing that quest I was able to complete the Do the Dishes quest, Clean the House quest, Finish the Laundry quest, and maybe most important of all, within 90 minutes I successfully completed the Take a Nap quest. Oh and I changed my characters hairstyle from 1.0.

    Early access here I come!

  6. Allistair Dreadnaught//Balmung

    I’ve never played an MMO before so I was a little intimidated but the game squared me away pretty quickly. I fell in love with Ul’dah immediately. Felt like home. I got my GLD to level 16 or so and got the hang of using the hotbar and onscreen keyboard on PS3. What a nightmare that was, I’ll have to look into other options (bluetooth?). Otherwise the game lends itself to beginners very well I thought. Long time FF fan and finally getting around to playing MMO. Looking forward to this world.

    1. Most USB keyboards will work on the PS3. I’ve tried generic keyboards, wireless, wired, High end, all have worked 100%. I haven’t tried a bluetooth keyboard tbh. If you have other devices taking up ports you can always pick up a USB hub to give yourself more connections. I would say to get one with separate power. If you need a recommendation I love http://bit.ly/1cWcFwU. wireless has a track pad for the times you just need a mouse it’s relatively small but not too small, it’s wireless, and it has an on/off switch to save power when you’re not using it. Just IMHO.

      1. I was thinking bluetooth headset so I can just chat with friends or party members. I’m still not so good that I can manage to type and talk once the hack and slash starts. It’s too much for me to pay attention to at this point and I get a little overwhelmed. A headset would be perfect.
        Thanks for the input though, I’ll check out keyboards soon. I’ve tried the little guy that attaches to the controller but that’s like typing on a blackberry…akward.


        1. There’s no voice chat option in the game. You’ll want to go keyboard 100%

  7. Also, I have to send out a big thanks to you guys here at Gamerescape. The FF XIV wiki and past podcasts were a massive help. When I first logged on I had no bloody idea what a tank was or what mobs or aggro meant.. Thanks to the effort you all have put in it was quite easy to figure out my role in the game as a GLD and effectively contribute to FATEs and level my character.
    Thanks a million.

  8. Eyriwaen Zirhmusyn of Balmung here.

    Finished all available Conjurer class quests and hunting log.

    Fully explored Coerthas, Mor Dhona, La Noscea, and the Black Shroud.

    Unlocked Arcanist and took it to 19, almost 20. In the process, completed all available hunting logs for it and finished the class questline up to level 15.

    Completed the main quest up to beating Copperbell.

    Completed the guildhest “questline” through level 15.

    Earned several achievements, mostly for exploration, sidequests, fates, and leves.

  9. Was rolling 2 chars. One with max base str, and one with max base int.

    Managed the following: LNC 20, ACN 20, PUG 15, THM 15, CNJ 15.

    and fishing 3! lol

  10. Falen Angelis of Balmung found out that’s there’s going to be a Turquoise Dragoon, Did the Level 1-20 story missions without earning a single Experience Point (at Level 21) and learned to place Carbuncle. But still; nobody Places Carbuncle in the corner!

  11. Sa’niquel Amrita of Masamune – completed the lvl 20 Ifrit with a party of 4 Arcanists, it was a little tough to get the fetter down because Arcanist has little to no spike damage but after a few attempts it was accomplished ^_^

  12. Dacen Drg on Excalibur

    Managed to get my Arcanist to level 18 and finish Hunting Log and most quests up to that point. I sadly wasn’t able to do dungeons due to fighting error 9000 all day Saturday. Then when I tried to join Denmo for the March of the Lalas the dreaded Error 3102 finally got me and left my level 3 Lalafell alt left stranded alone up in Coerthas.

  13. Azrael Fotian on Behemoth
    Got my thaumaturge and arcanist to lvl 20, conjurer to lvl 16. Unlocked story quests up to Lord of the Inferno, and unlocked the first 4 dungeons.

    Wanted to do more, but the 26 hours of downtime due to 3102 really cramped my style.

  14. Druu Sylvys / Excalibur
    – I was able to get MRD off to a good start to 15, my Miner up to 8. Got to feel out all the new systems – unlocked my retainer!!!! Just need to unlock Grand Company and airship again and I’m gravy :)

  15. I focused on Fishing. It was so relaxing. Got Fishing to 20 and enjoyed every minute.

  16. Aluena Mahri, Hyperion –

    3102’d but at least I was able to get my Envoy quest done

  17. Robert Redensa, Balmung

    I tried! After a busy Friday, I had played a while on Saturday. Soaking in the new world, story, and quests I had Arcanist to 10, made HQ hempen gear for it as 50 Weaver, and was ready to finish the level 10 Arcanist quest for gearsets. Then I could easily get back into crafting and make my new weaver gear.

    Time for the instanced fight. Fade out…loading instance… Error 90000.

    I restart the client and attempt to log in again.

    Error 3102.


  18. Chiyuyu Chiyu, Balmung

    I confirmed my suspicion that a pink-haired Lalafell with a pokey stick twice as tall as she is will be AWESOME to play when the full game goes live. Sure, the graphics are beautiful, the game mechanics seem to be running flawlessly… but honestly, the best part of P4 was running through the forest, chasing down mobs that were several times my character’s size, and watching her gleefully whack them about the head with a lance. MAGICAL!! Maybe I didn’t get a bunch of quests done, but this weekend has me very excited about the game, which is even more important.

  19. Swygbahr Tragwaensyn, Excalibur

    Despite the initial server problems, I was able to jump on Friday night. My buddy Zante Simbei was the one that talked me into jumping on and trying this whole MMO thing out- FF XIV is my first, and my god have I been missing out. The community has been hugely kind and supportive, and of course, it was great hanging out with offline friends in Eorzea, as well as making some new ones.

    I’m a Sea Wolf Roegadyn, and I started off with gladiator. I found I really loved tanking, and I felt the dungeons were built well to allow each facet of a team to have good moments, no matter the role. I experimented with archer and pugilist for a little while, too, adding a little more DPS to my diet. The game does a good job of making each class (at least the ones I tried) feel different, and I had fun juggling them. In the end my stats were lvl 19 GLA, lvl 11 ARC, and lvl 7 PGL.

    The highlight of the beta, though, was when Zante and I went exploring. We were both level 19, but we ran off into the upper level areas in Thanalan. The sense of wonder you get when you walk underneath a stone bridge and there are huge dunes looming in the distance was breathtaking, and it was fun out running the lvl. 40+ Alma’jaa. We spent at an hour turning the place over, discovering small Miqo’te settlements and ant-hill-like mountains. It felt like we were truly discovering new areas in the world- since the lvl cap was 20, we were literally the only people on our server out there. It was awesome, and it was great just hanging out with a friend.

    Of course, all it ended too soon when I get hit with the 3102 bug in Limsa Lominsa. It kinda sucked, but I had an awesome weekend hanging out and killing ladybugs and cactuars. Can’t wait to dive back in and do more. I got hit with MMO bug this beta, and I think I will be an Eorzean adventurer for a long, good while.

  20. Dayne Dastardly, Balmung

    * Ran around Central Coerthas on Chocobo as level 13 THM soaking up exploration EXP.
    * Conjurer Quests up to level 10, gearsets unlocked
    * Guildleves unlocked
    * Attuned to many aetheryites, Ul’Dah included. (I started in Gridania)
    * Main Story up to level 14
    * Panic from 3102 disconnecting me in the middle of instanced story quest
    * Participated in Lalafell March on Sunday, in part due to 3102… other part just for fun.
    * Wake up 30 min before I thought server would shut down to try to log back in. Finished quest and logged out at the inn.


    Lalafell March photo album

  21. Tanner Yuhase, Hyperion

    After plowing through the story and arcanist stuff, my FC and I focused on gearing out the crafters! Lots of guys sporting the “AF” crafting gear with triple melds now! Ready to craft us some DoW/DoM equipment for dungeons when EA hits. Also spent some quality time fishing for sharks. Really enjoy the new gathering system.

  22. I was able to achieve NOTHING! After downloading the client Saturday morning, I gave my Bootay a sex change and tried logging in…. But, I received a message that the servers were full and please try again later. I tried almost every hour, but the same message. So, I gave up and leveled my Witch Doctor to Paragon 22 in Diablo 3. I feel an illness coming on next week so I wisely took next Mon, Tue and Wednesday off…hehehehehaaaha!

  23. Mytha Dragonis, Leviathan server.
    Got all my disciples of magic classes to 20, Pgl and Gld to 10, checked out a little of the crafting and gathering. Finished the Ifrit fight 1st time with no deaths. Did alot of exploration, quests, guildhests, leviquests. Spent the rest of my time randomly running around the game raising people who fell in battles. Oh and most importantly of all, I managed to avoid the dreaded Error 3102 and 90000.

  24. Lilithil Lithil, Gilgamesh

    I capped Conjurer at 20, but received error 90000 before finishing level 10 class quest. I could log in, but there wasn’t much that was accessible.

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