Gamer Escape- Hyperion Linkshell


There has been a lot of buzz lately regarding which worlds certain groups and websites will be calling home. Today we’d like to announce that Gamer Escape will be making Hyperion its primary home for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

We’ll have a Gamer Escape social linkshell that everyone is free to join. Keep in mind, being that it is purely social, we won’t scheduling any events or anything like that. We’re just here to play the game and have fun, maybe talk about editing the #1 wiki for A Realm Reborn /wink. Our only rule is that we enforce Wheaton’s Law.

Those interested in obtaining a Hyperion linkpearl should keep an eye on our forum thread here.

Those interested in joining, but won’t be on Hyperion have no fear! If you’re interested in starting up a Gamer Escape LS on your own server we can definitely work with you to get that set up and to get people pointed in your direction! Make sure to get in contact with us if that’s something you’re interested in.

4 thoughts on “Gamer Escape- Hyperion Linkshell

  1. My Free-Company will be on Hyperion, looking forward to seeing you guys on there!

  2. And if anyone is looking for a semi hardcore ls/fc on Hyperion that understands RL>game and just want to mingle with good people who want to run a few events a week efficiently send Chin Chilla a tell in game from p4-ea-launch and we’ll hook you up!


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