Gilgamesh- Bradamante? Or Fraudamante?


Today, a group of new images popped up on Japanese website 4gamer. One of these images was of Gilgamesh, everyone’s favorite 4th wall breaking, dimensional hopping samurai.

Which is neat, he looks cool right?

Wait a second… what is he holding in one of his left hands is that… BRADAMANTE? The gunhalbred of Nael van Darnus?

Bradamante was last seen in the hands of Gentleman Hero Hildibrand before he launched himself towards Dalamud in what was one of the funniest cutscenes of version 1.0. Is there a connection between everyone’s favorite agent of enquery and Gilgamesh?

Or, is this version of Gilgamesh wielding fake weapons? Maybe he’s wielding not the Bradamante, but a Fraudamante instead?

2 thoughts on “Gilgamesh- Bradamante? Or Fraudamante?

  1. I’d say another interesting thing is that he is wielding a morning star, a katana, and what looks like a one handed axe. Obviously NPCs do not have to follow the same weapon rules as players, but it is interesting none the less.

  2. I take this as good news we’ll be seeing Samurai in the future. I love every time SE adds old villains and monsters to the game, was literally just contemplating possible raid bosses at work yesterday but never thought of Gilgamesh WHO IS SO ANNOYING IN FINAL FANTASY 5! :)

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