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Project Phoenix Kickstarter Launched!

12 Aug 2013

Project Phoenix, an RTS style JRPG from Creative Intelligence Arts has started their Kickstarter campaign today.

The game, which is Directed and Produced by Hiroaki Yura will feature a large variety of talent from the gaming industry including people involved in Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Valkyria Chronicles, L.A. Noire, Diablo III, Halo 4, Crysis 3 and more. Nobuo Uematsu will also be composing music for the game which is sure to make several people immediately interested.

The project is currently seeking $100,000 and is offering various reward tiers such as alpha and beta access, collectors editions, special in-game items for backers etc.

Take a look at the video above and judge for yourself if it’s something that’s worthy of your money. Personally, I’m going to give an enthusiastic “yes it is!” to that.