Guardian Cross Now Available On Android- Get FFXI & FFXIV Cards!


Guardian Cross is now available on the Google Play store for Android devices!

Released last year for iOS, Guardian Cross is a free-to-play card battle game that allows players to battle via their Guardian cards. As a special promotion, those that invite their friends to join can grab some FFXI and FFXIV cards. Both you and the friend you invited will earn the cards!

Check out the cards in the gallery below!

18 thoughts on “Guardian Cross Now Available On Android- Get FFXI & FFXIV Cards!

  1. If anybody wants an invite- toss this code in when you’re starting the game: CG22715

    1. I guess your code worked when I signed up, so simple! I got a Mandragora card! ^^

  2. Is this promotion not for iOS? The cards I will receive for inviting people are not the FF ones :/

    1. II believe it’s for anyone with an Androit phone, not sure about iPhone or anything else,sry.

  3. Good good, I think I like this game, I’m hooked! I used your code, hope I did it right!
    I also have an invite code for anyone! Look forward to friends request too! “Psxpert” WP88786


  4. so… no one having issues with this app? i keep having “force close” popping up. cant even get to do the first hunt(if i make it that far.) i have a T-Mobile G2 (Android version 2.3.4).

    1. it crashed on me twice today… reported it and so far so good… i continue to level up as normal!

      1. see… thats the thing… mine crashes everytime. the farthest i ever got was when it tries to switch over to the first hunt. thats if i get that far. it crashes at various times in between the start screen and that first hunt. by the 15th-20th crash i am so frustrated that i give up. i wanna play too. =o(

  5. lol at the ifrit card not even saying his name anywhere on it, couldn’t get the rights? lol

    1. there’s already an ifrit card on this, this is another monster form the FF games lol

    2. Yes, because Square Enix can’t get rights to Ifrit which is a monster in SE games (besides being a generic mythology name used in other games too) >_<

  6. Here’s an iOS code: NX21245

    Since you can’t use android codes for iOS and vice versa

  7. On a semi-related note, any news on FFV for Android?

  8. If anyone is looking for a referral code, please use mine KM36323 – the
    month old posts should have enough referrals for their cards by now, I
    need some if anyone is starting now :)

    Some tips:

    1. Use up NHT (hunting tkts) & coliseum passes if they reach 5, any extra will be lost.
    2. Any referral code will give you a free 3* card (Mandragora). You only get this after progressing thru the tutorial quests.
    3. Join some forums and ask around for help; friendly high-level players might give you several 3* cards for free to help out.
    4. Remember to fill up your deck once you get more cards, I see way too many 5 card decks in coliseum.

    Don’t use the referral codes posted here, search for forums where a few people are offering free 4* for using their referral (they want the higher level
    rewards from getting referred a lot). If you don’t want to do this, then please help me by using my code and thanks ;)

    1. CB00140 approved code, Brand new 4* card for this referral code. Enter at start of game, first time you log in

  9. CB00140 01/12/2014 Newest Code, use when login first time to get an awesome 4* card from the new series

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