Is This The Open Beta Date For FFXIV?


Lots of people are getting excited about the above message, which is currently being displayed on the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Application Website. The message states that beta registration is scheduled to begin August 17, 2013.

Does this mean that we can expect the last phase of beta testing for A Realm Reborn to start on this date? We don’t know, and Square Enix hasn’t said anything to clarify.

However, Square Enix will be saying a lot of things next week during their 8th Letter From The Producer LIVE (which we’ll be providing live commentary on). I’d bet my Chocobo that we’ll get clarification on this, and a start date for open beta during that stream.

4 thoughts on “Is This The Open Beta Date For FFXIV?

  1. I don’t think that is the beta phase 4 startup date. in order to have a week long phase 4 and then a few days break before 5 days early access and then a small break before launch I believe the following would be the most probable guess. altho, it is a guess based on how Yoshi-p usually have LIVE letter right before a Beta phase but its still just a guess.
    Aug 1st -> Character Creation Benchmark
    Aug 8th -> LIVE letter 8
    Aug 9th-15th or 16th -> Beta Phase 4
    Aug 19th-23rd -> Early Access
    Aug 27th -> LAUNCH!!!

    1. Tuesday is Video Game Release day. I don’t know why, but almost all major releases and events happen on Tuesdays, unless they’re betas – which are generally set for weekends because most people actually don’t have just random Tuesdays free to play games. The game’s official launch is on a Tuesday, even. My personal bet for the timeline here is that the Open Beta starts on the 17th and runs until the 20th; then a few days for last-minute adjustments when the Early Access starts and runs for the weekend prior to release.

      Prediction #2: Early Access people tube the servers before the game even officially launches.

    2. Beta Phase 4: August 16th – 20th if you were in a previous beta phase. If you weren’t then the start date is the 17th.

      Early Access: 24th – 26th.

  2. Looks like it was a error on their end as that date is gone.

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