Egi-citing News, Everyone

Everyone, gather around.
It’s Bayohne again. You’re probably wondering why I’m whispering (by the way, I’m whispering).

A lot of people didn’t appreciate the tease about carbuncle details in my last post, and I promised I would make it right. Risking life and limb (and my job), I snuck onto the development server when the team was testing out summoner and their pet egi and snapped a few shots.




Everyone gathered for a group photo in their fancy summoner artifact armor, all the while oblivious to me taking picture after picture.


Okay, now for why you’re really here. The hottest scoops and the leakiest of leaks!
First off, the thing you need to understand is th—Oh no… My “stealth” is wearing off… this isn’t good. I gotta get out of here!


4 thoughts on “Egi-citing News, Everyone

  1. “Oh no… My “stealth” is wearing off… this isn’t good. ”
    Super secret THF job reveal? C’mooon!

    1. lol. now now… you are gonna make people go crazy with speculations with this posting. lol.

  2. um… did they ever say how we get these egi’s? a friend of mine said its maybe a spell you learn as you complete the JOB quests for summoner which basically makes sense. just curious if it was ever actually said by yoshi-p or someone else.

    i like the general look of the summoner artifact armor except for the color. was it ever mentioned if we can dye our artifact gears?

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