Aetheryte Bingo- LIVE Letter VIII

During the last Letter From The Producer LIVE, the Aetheryte Radio crew hopped on our Twitch channel to provide live commentary on the broadcast in addition to… what else? Play BINGO!

It seemed pretty popular, so we’re going to do it again! This time we’ve evolved our bingo card creating skills-

While we have a finite amount of bingo cards that have been made, this time we have more! One will be displayed below at random for your bingo playing pleasure! We’ll be here bright and early for the 8th installment of the LIVE Letter on August 8th at 5:00AM (PDT)


Please note this is for fun. No prizes will be awarded.

2 thoughts on “Aetheryte Bingo- LIVE Letter VIII

  1. If they announce a new class/job I will just flip the whole Bingo board in happyness

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