FFXIV Themes Now Available For PC & PS3


Today, Square Enix released new themes for both Windows PC and the PlayStation 3. These themes contain never before seen pieces of artwork, one of which feels very similar to artwork released for version 1.0, minus of course, a horned figure in the background. Remember the horned person in the original artwork? There were like a million threads about how Gria were going to be in FFXIV. Ah… those were the days.

You can grab the themes from the Final Fantasy XIV website here.

6 thoughts on “FFXIV Themes Now Available For PC & PS3

  1. Weird I can’t get the file to open once downloaded.

  2. I still have the XIV 1.0 Theme on my monitor. It’s a great dual screen image and generally paints an amazing memories of FFXI and FFXIV

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