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Final Fantasy Worlds That Link To Eorzea

18 Jul 2013


The Director/Producer of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has gone on record saying that Lightning’s appearance in FFXIV will have a storyline attached to it for both titles. This means that Lightning’s trip to Eorzea fits into the lore of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV.

Today, there was an update to the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII website which shows off the content available in FFXIV with Lightning, as well as showing the Miqo’te outfit that she wears in her own upcoming title. Additionally on this page is a “coming soon” section for Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD. At E3, a Yuna costume was displayed for Lightning, however, with the upcoming re-release of X and X-2, might it be possible that the developers have included her in one or both of those titles as well?

If so, what could this mean for Final Fantasy XIV?

If Lightning does have a link to the world of Spira, then that would also mean she has a connection to the world of Final Fantasy VII (they’re in the same universe, look it up!) which Yoshida has previously talked about adding characters from. Specifically, Cloud and his motorbike, and Sephiroth. Additionally, Cloud’s SOLDIER 1st Class outfit will be available to those that pre-order Lightning Returns, hinting that if they’re going to incorporate these things into the lore for all of this content, Lightning has already opened a road to Cloud and Sephiroth which would therefore allow them to travel to Eorzea.

The idea of time traveling or dimension hopping certainly isn’t new to the Final Fantasy series, and in the end, Square Enix could just come out and use those methods to bring in whatever character they want from whatever Final Fantasy game they want. However, Naoki Yoshida has also commented that “We will never introduce characters that would destroy their meaning or story” and “We will not use characters that are already dead or whose role has ended in their title.” This would make it sound like the canon of characters appearing in Final Fantasy XIV would go both ways- it has to fit for both Eorzea’s world and for the world of the other character’s world.

All that’s left is to determine the devices the development teams will be using to bring these characters into other titles. We already know that time travel exists in Final Fantasy XIII. Time Compression exists in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. And then of course we have Gilgamesh, who will be appearing in A Realm Reborn, who can essentially just go wherever the hell he wants via portals in the Rift which lies inside of the Void- devices that have already been used in Final Fantasy XIV.

It would certainly be interesting to see a map of how all the titles are connected with Final Fantasy XIV potentially being at the center of the universe… or one of them at least.

What character(s) from the Final Fantasy series do you want to see make an appearance in Eorzea? More importantly, how would they get there? Let us know in the comments below!