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Eorzea Collection 2013

14 Jul 2013

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On this morning’s Niconico broadcast, a new video was shown titled “Eorzea Collection 2013”.It showed off some of the new equipment that players can expect to come across in A Realm Reborn. Here are a few of the more worthwhile images we managed to grab off of the stream which include:

  • Warrior Helm faceplate toggling up/down
  • Behemoth mask
  • Garuda book for Arcanists, Summoners and Scholars
  • Titan Great axe
  • Titan bow

Hopefully the video will be released by Square Enix so we can get a more clear view of the new equipment.

To watch the video for yourself and see even more new equipment, as well as the rest of the stream, check out some of the Twitch links posted in the thread on Reddit.