Fanservice: The Great Lightning Debate


This week at Japan Expo, Square Enix announced that Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII would be making an appearance in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. She’ll be part of a new quest that when completed, will net players a Lightning or Snow costume in addition to weapons taken from Final Fantasy XIII.

The reception from players has been quite mixed over both the appearance of Lightning in Eorzea and the inclusion of these costumes and weapons. From hope that this event will lead into other popular characters making an appearance to worries of ruined immersion to straight up dislike for Lightning and Final Fantasy XIII, the player community has been very vocal about this on both sides of the fence.

On the next episode of Aetheryte Radio, we’ll be having a discussion about fanservice in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We already have the Crystal Tower and Magitek, Biggs and Wedge and we know that we’ll see Xandes, Cloud of Darkness and Lightning. How is it that the community can be so vocal over one piece of fanservice and not another? We invite yo to post your thoughts (either via comments or our forums) about not just Lightning, but the other elements from previous Final Fantasy titles that make an appearance in FFXIV as well. Do they belong? Do they need to be handled a certain way? Do you want more? Let us know what you think in what’s (hopefully) a civilized discussion!

We’ll read over the feedback and work it into our next episode which is set for the evening of July 13th!

10 thoughts on “Fanservice: The Great Lightning Debate

  1. The other wasn’t shoved down our throats for 7 years.

  2. I’m all in favor for it for bringing as many elements from previous Final Fantasy titles into 14 as possible as well as any crossovers they will do with other games. Cloud has been in Final Fantasy Tactics as well as Kingdom Hearts so he’s no stranger to departing his own world. I’d also love to see more gear based off of previous Final Fantasy games in their names and appearances.

  3. I want dungeon that starts with entering a castle in the desert but you need a party of mostly girls because of the womanizing king, let call him Edward, and when you start the castle goes under the sand… Lets call the castle Figaro…

  4. In all honesty you are taking this “issue” way too seriously, you know the only place i really see people hating on Lightning is on that stupid Neogaf forums, everywhere else people love her just get over it, she is in the game and she isn’t going away no matter how much you cry about it, just look at your own poll, 34% like the gear in there, another 33% like the fact she is in the game,

  5. I think it’s another case of the extremely vocal minority versus the quiet majority. Obviously the people who are okay with this aren’t going to be raising their torches and pitchforks about how happy they are, that’s not how the world works. I don’t think this is as big an issue as everyone is making it out to be. Personally, I’m hoping that the inclusion of Lightning isn’t just an excuse to include her to sell Lightning Returns, but instead the beginning of a series of working in past characters from previous and long-forgotten games. I mean, how cool would it be to have Cloud and Squall in a “…Whatever” contest, with Zidane mocking their bickering while hanging from a branch using his apparently prehensile tail? I’m all for it. I’m a fan of previous final fantasy games, and they all include references to the ones before them, so why can’t this one, the biggest and lengthiest of all of them, include them?

  6. watch the fucking haters ruin it for everyone like they always do… if it was something from VII we wouldnt even have this “discussion”, disgusting

    1. i hate cloud, i wish they would just let each final fantasy just be its own game. i don’t care for cross overs it makes it lose each worlds individuality, kingdom hearts was an “okay” alternate universe thing, but to me thats all it was kinda like DC and Marvels “Multi-Verse” but you have to admit the other final fantasy’s wouldn’t have been anywhere as fun or immersive.

  7. the best part about final fantasy’s up untill X-2 was that they were all seperate worlds people who didn’t like say cloud or tidus could still enjoy 8 or 11, i honestly don’t like cloud lightning or tidus or FF12 but i loved 8, 9 and 11 now by doing this its making me hate a part of this new Final Fantasy which i liked fine without past FF characters in it

  8. They can make this work… Cait Sith is already on the way so hopefully it will be as light as that.

    I guess a lot of PS3 beta testers picked the code up from the FFXIII release so maybe they thought there were loads of lightning fans on PS3?

    At least there’s no one with spiky hair on the way!!

    Looking forward to the ep. :)

  9. I think that the thing that a lot of people seem to take issue with is the fact that this isn’t just a girl that happens to look and act like Lightning; this is apparently the exact same person that appeared in FFXIII, and she has ended up in Eorzea somehow. To contrast against Magitek, Xandes, Biggs and Wedge, and the Crystal Tower, all of those things are simply Eorzean mirror images of things from other games; even if they appear identical to something from a different game, they have their own unique Eorzean origin and backstory. It’s the difference between the Garlean Empire inventing Magitek technology, or the Garlean Empire using Magitek that they obtained through a dimensional rift from the world of FF6. (Gilgamesh is an exception, because he’s always worked that way and he usually has no story relevance.)

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with this sort of thing if they justify it well and attach it to some fun content, but I think the fear is that they won’t, especially if they trot out dimension-hopping characters with enough regularity that it starts to feel patronizing. There’s a fine line between a fun crossover and a shameless appeal to nostalgia. Having Cloud show up with no memory and trying to piece together who he is, how he got here, and how he can get back home could be interesting. Having Cloud show up and say “I need your help to beat Sephiroth, who is alive again for some reason! I can’t possibly do it without you! Buy Advent Children on Blu-Ray at Wal-Mart(tm) today! Also, will you be my best friend?” would be less so.

    In this particular case, SE assures us that they have a reasonable justification planned out, so I’ll trust them on that.

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