You Got Lightning In My Eorzea


Today, Square Enix announced that Lightning will be coming to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. She’ll be a part of a new questline which will allow players to earn the original costumes for Lightning and Snow (based on gender) in addition to a variety of weapons from Final Fantasy XIII.

You can check out more images below (courtesy of RPGsite)

ff14_f13_costumes ff14_f13_costumes2 ff14_f13_weapons

41 thoughts on “You Got Lightning In My Eorzea

  1. not sure why people dislike this idea. It’s a good way to support both games. Final Fantasy XIV is base on all FF games you going to see a lot more of this so get use to it.

    1. I know it upsets me because I enjoy the uniqueness of the different realms each ff title brings and how much they do and don’t cross over… but you’re absolutely right, buckle up cuz there’s much more comming!

      Crystal Tower, Gold Saucer, ect…

      can I still pout a lil bit?

    2. NO. NO IT FUCKING IS NOT. FFXIV was originally it’s own goddamn game. Only in the last….6 months? Has it become this big pile of referential shit.

      1. It’s a online game and they want to bring more players in FFXIV. Best way to do that is to add everything from other FF i not sure why this upsets you at all. We getting crystal tower and many fun things added to ffxiv.

    3. The Immersion!
      I mean.. I don’t care for immersion much, but a lot of other people do. Especially in the FF community. Were you around when “jump” being added was such an issue that’d ruin immersion but getting pummeled by a giant beast was believable? It’s like that.

      1. FFXIV is a fan service they going to add a lot from other FF into the game. People should get use too it. I thought jump was going to be dumb everyone jumping around but it seem like people only use jump when needed at least in my world. But ya i understand what people are saying but still we going to get a lot more so it better to get use to it now then keep bitching about it.

  2. People gonna hate, personally I want Snow’s outfit for my character =)

  3. This is awesome. Hopefully they do this with more characters. If it were Cloud instead of Lighting everyone would be jumping for joy.

    1. Ya know, they just released info about Clouds costume in Lightning Returns. I kinda rolled my eyes at that one too.

      1. Yeah because it’s not like Cloud appears in Tactics or anything you know?

        1. Which was probably the only thing I didn’t like about FFT.

  4. I agree that final fantasy’s are normally great for being unique from one another with the occasional allusion to one another but I don’t have any problems with this as its not like being dressed as lightning or snow will be imperative for the entire story, just a part of it so its really just there for fans of 13 if they want the stuff and if you don’t then don’t use it :D

  5. I’d actually like to see more of this sort of thing. As long as the gear is purely cosmetic I don’t see why not.
    Kefka gear anyone?

  6. Well I’m all for this I’ve been saying for years about FFXI they should have classic Final Fantasy weapons and armor ( Like Cloud’s Buster Sword ) as rewards for high level content to increase subs. You hear “Hey yeah that Online FF game you can get Cloud’s Sword!”.

    1. You do get Cloud’s Buster Sword during the melee DD Limit Break. :-P

  7. If they’re going to give us fan service they could at least give us FFXI Job system with all its spells, abilities, WS, etc. Amiright :D

    1. Level 1 Gladiator Class ability/weaponskill: Fast Blade.
      There ya are :-P
      Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it’s Final Fantasy XIV, not Final Fantasy XI.

  8. people can drown in their tears for as much as i care, i know i will have a lot of fun with the quest and the equipment, thats all that matters

  9. Costumes and weapons are one thing, but to have an established character actually show up in the game is a bit much

    1. It’s still a Final Fantasy game.
      “Eehh, the Crystal did it”. Good enough for me! :D

      1. Which would work if FFXIII’s story revolved around a crystal. But it doesn’t.

        1. I figured every FF had a crystal in it one way or another.

  10. Why did Yoshi start with FFXIII fan-service??
    From FFXIII:Lightning Returns grabbing FFVII fanservice(cloud costume), this universe is starting to make no sense!! Q_Q;;

  11. “Meh” pretty much sums it up for me, I’m not interested in any of the items, I and I have no desire to do any sort of Lightning story line. So I just won’t do the quest(s). I’m not mad about, I’m not excited about it. So long as it’s not required to progress through the main story line or a class story line I don’t care either way.

  12. If it’s optional, people will forget about it once they’re in the game. I liked the looks of the characters from 13 but thought the flow of the game was just awful. So seeing costumes that aren’t seasonal affair (looking at you sunbreeze festival) would be nice. Can/will they try to appease everyone’s cup of tea? Doubtful.

    Now as for the actual presence of characters… that rubs me the wrong way (even if it’s from a game I’m a fan of aka not 10/13) and not from a story angle, more like a turd in the punch bowl. So now since it’s definitely going to be in the game the only other thing of concern is stats. And even if it doesn’t have stats/good stats, I’m willing to bet gil it’ll be a pre-req for something that we REALLY want a little while later/down the line. And they wouldn’t even have to make it that way, but they’ll force the 13 advertisement unto our eyes just to see us claw our fingers in the dirt. #1stworldmmoproblems

  13. How else would you explain Lightning came by the Mi’qote outfit? :)

  14. Hope they have the battle theme play when doing her quest

  15. What kind of weapon is the first from the right side?

    Oh Its a book. -.-
    I hoped it would be a gun…

  16. Whats the point of naming everything Final Fantasy if you aren’t going to tie them together in some way or at some point since as it stands they could be all their own stand alone titles since nothing carries over, the universes are all unique.

  17. Godamnit. Do Cloud, Terra, or Cecil or….what in the hell is Square’s hard on with Lightning?

    Besides, I’d rather wear Snow’s outfit. Too bad I’m female.

    For the record: I think this is bogus, period. I do not think any character from any other FF should ever appear in XIV. Ever.

    I used the other chars to ask the question: why HER? XIII sucked. I don’t understand Square milking it. They have way more successful games they could milk and their obsession with her makes me want to scream.

  18. What the hell is up with the Monk/Pug weapons? D: We’re slinging around ….I don’t even know what to call that. X_X

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