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Adoulin Examiner Inaugural Issue

2 Jul 2013


Welcome to Adoulin, able adventurers!

We proudly proffer a suite of services to satisfy your every need. In addition to the tremendous trappings of our rental houses, we work our wonder on small islands to… to… <Munch> <munch>… <Burp>!

E-excuse me, kupo!

What I meant to mention while I masticated was that the M.H.M.U aims to assist you in your painstaking pioneering efforts!

Speaking of services, are you familiar with the West’s newest jaunty journal, the Adoulin Examiner, kupo?

Two of its most rapacious reporters are collecting candid close-ups of colonization enterprises!

What’s even more exciting is that the inaugural issue is an introspective on the intrigue that inevitably intertwines Adoulin and Ulbuka, kupo!

Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the give-and-take between two of the Adoulin Examiner’s finest, seconded directly from the one-and-only Pioneers’ Coalition.